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Apr 22, 2009
i have no respect for texting; as much as i enjoy writting, i can't stand texting, it's informal as hell and i never know if someone else is reading what i'm texting, if they mean what they're saying, or if we're even on the same emotional page! (as well as the uncertainty of not knowing when the hell are they texting back).

no respect for texting, none at all.

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I'm the exact opposite, I'm a recovering textaholic. I like texting simply because it allows me to stay in contact with friends while being introverted (e.g. I can "socialize" while reading a book).
Yup, I am a texting whore as well.

When I get really busy or depressed though, I lay back on the texting. But it is a way for me to fill my social needs (which are small) just enough through out the day, without actually having to deal with people. It also keeps me entertained. I will more often then not send out a mass text message to around 10 people of something that I thought, said, or did. Usually 3 or 4 will respond right away and I will get conversations going on for a while. Some longer then others. It is also a way for me to keep in contact with people so friendships don't fade. Since there are around 3 or 4 people who if I didn't text them, our relationships would fade.

It is also an easy way for me to "meet" people who I am unconfrotable talking to. As I hate talking over the phone. I actually find it more taxing then speaking in person from time to time.
Depends what mood I'm in. Generally I find texting a bit impersonal, and I dislike abbreviated text language. It takes me ages to type texts, because I write words in full, so I frustrate myself by sticking to my standards. Then again, I do enjoy receiving texts and feeling that someone cared enough to send one to me, even if itz wrtn lk ths.
It can be frusterating at times for me as well, because like you said HE, it can be very impersonal. I also hate text-language and will write out full words like I normally would. I also don't understand T9 at all, and I find it frusterating, so I type out every single letter. I have been doing it for so long though that I have gotten really fast at it.
I hate text language and T9 too. The only time I use text language is if it's a universally understood term (like 2 or thru; I abhor such phrases as "ntcp8"). I've found that I've gotten so fast with T9 turned off, that I'm a faster texter than most people who use T9.
I text because every time I call up a friend, they are busy. I like talking to people on the phone better but apparently a lack of minutes is what's keeping people back. I have free after-hours ;)
I'm a texter. I like that it's quick, and actually the impersonal-ness of it appeals to me. I like socializing, but sometimes it's daunting; texting helps me stay in touch while not forcing me to expend the energy it takes to talk or socialize (which sounds bad, but I have to deal with people so often that it just wears me out...texting is a way around that *thumbs up*). Talking on the phone can be awkward for me...it's easy for me to get distracted, and it takes a long time most of the time. I'd much rather either talk in person or text
Times they are a changin'!
I'm all for texting.. but I loathe twitter. I think it's narcissistic and obnoxious.
I sort of feel the same way about twitter.

The thing is though, it just seems like excess. You can make a status, and more on facebook. So having twitter just would be like extra work for me.
I like texting. Sometimes I wont feel like talking to people and dealing with all the unnecessary fluff and ackward rituals (thinking 'ok should i end the conversation now?') and am relieved to receive a text like 'alright im on my way to pick you up' or send something quickly. I'd much rather socialize face to face.
I appreciate the use of texting. I use full words though and never reply to people who do not.

They've both got uses, if you need a quick answer you call, get it, and hang up. If you need an answer but it's not urgent and you'd really rather not intrude on someone that you're not sure if they're busy or not, you text and wait.
I don't like when people butcher the English language with text talk/chatspeak. However, I appreciate the use of texting for keeping in contact with people.
Actually, I don't know if there's already a thread created on texting, or where exactly this should belong. Please take appropriate action if needed.

Texting is pointless as hell to me. =_=. I'm tempted to say it's the most pointless shit ever, but it's not...although it still feels good to say it. I had texting for around 2~ months when I first got my phone, but people just texted pointless crap to me. Today, on facebook, my friend said she was charged more for texting too much, and I commented on it "Meeting people irl ftw :3." Then someone else replied and said that no one does that...and that it's all about texting and IMing. Of course, this is from one person, but this got me to think about just exactly how much texting and IMing is used now, compared to actually meeting people. I prefer meeting irl because it's just so much more fun...there's body language, voice, etc. Of course, sometimes that person lives far away, in which case I would prefer phone calls. I like to only resort to IMing when the person lives in another country, which would make it expensive to make calls. However, the people here live really close to each other, and they just text all day.
I wouldn't go so far as to say that texting is useless. I too prefer to talk to people irl, but texting is ok. Besides, it can be really useful in talking to people irl. If I were to go through my texting log right now, I'm certain a definite majority of texts would comprise of things along the lines of "Hey, want to do something tonight?" "I'm ready to go now, come meet me [place]" "What time does [thing] start?" For such quick little things, texts are nice, and better than a phone call, IMO. no one feels pressure to have a full out conversation, or anything of the like, to convey a simple message. As to IMing, I like it as well, but not above real life talking. Mainly I IM people while I'm stuck in my room with homework or such.

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I text to send an articulate message cheaper than a phone call.
I'm also uncomfortable on the phone for long periods unless it's with someone who's also uncomfortable.

I do like to leave a phone on loudspeaker though so that we can play a game, if neither of us has skype.