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State Seal of Virginia Not Naked Anymore


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Aug 14, 2009


As a person who has studied classical art and appreciates such things, I really don't know whether to laugh or cry about this, but... the state of Virginia (which, in case you didn't know, is near Washington DC on the Atlantic coast) the attorney general Ken Cuccinelli is hard at work on the important issues of the day -- like making sure the Roman goddess depicted on his state's official seal isn't exposing herself.

The current seal shows "Virtus, the goddess of virtue, dressed as a warrior," with her foot resting "on the chest of the figure of tyranny, who is lying on the ground." She is holding a spear and her left breast is exposed.

Here's a picture of the original seal -- Cuccinelli's alteration is below:

Janet Comment: Here, tyranny looks good and beat. Probably because he got distracted by the breast.

Janet Comment: But here, he is starting to get up. Moral of this story being that naked breasts do a better job of crushing tyranny.


... Cuccinelli has previously gained national notoriety for questioning President Obama's citizenship, rescinding protections for gays and lesbians at Virginia universities, and claiming that homosexuals engage in behavior that is "intrinsically wrong" and offensive to "natural law."

Cuccinelli's move harkens back to the decision by President Bush's attorney general John Ashcroft to place drapes over the Spirit of Justice statue in the Justice Department's Great Hall.


Janet comment: And for what it's worth, I really can't see the majority of Americans -- except maybe a tiny percentage of the most socially conservative ones -- supporting this nonsense. Yet this is what our lawmakers do??? Really?? Good grief.​
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I've been watching him the last few months. Social conservatism at its best.
Wow and now I've seen another reason to dislike this guy. Like there wasn't enough.

Wow America sucks.
Wow America sucks.

Yup it makes me wonder how many of us Americans actually defy the stereotype instead of live up to it. Sadly I think that number is not enough.
Now what are they gonna fap to?
Now what are they gonna fap to?

My first thought was "I don't even see a nipple."

But, besides that, yeah. This is kinda...a major waste of time.
Hah! Found a hentai enthusiast.
Lol, no. I'm a girl. One who has picked up a lot of naughty words from teh internetz.