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New Cartoon Network Show: MAD


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Nov 12, 2008
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OMG! Cartoon Network has done it again! They just came out with a new show the other week called "MAD" which is just a animated version of MAD comics. It is hilarious! Think a less morbid/gross version of robot chicken with just as many pop culture refrences. The first skit on avatar is so/so IMO (likely cause I never saw the movie) but the rest of the clip, which starts at 3:53 is hilarious!!! Seriously, check it out :D. The "were is lady gaga" snippit cracked me up, so did the rupunzel snippet!

LMAO..I love CN hope..seriously I miss the older cartoons but this one is too epic!! I love how it lampoons almost every single possible thing I can think of.
hm. I prefer the randomness of adventure time. it's mathematical.