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New Age IQ.

Sep 20, 2009
Not sure whether all of this applies to all New Age believers so it will be nice if someone confirmed the validity of this test, nonetheless it is very interesting :)

Comparative Range:
  • 1 - 12 correct answers: Good. A good start on the road of discovery and learning
    13 - 20 correct answers: Better. a strong foundation and understanding of important topics
    21 - 27 correct answers: Very Good! sound knowledge of many metaphysical subjects
    28 - 37 correct answers: Excellent! Accomplished student of the new age

I got 25.
SERIOUSLY? LOL. Well, I have to take this, for obvious reasons:

This quiz is rather annoying. I got around 20 something (I got fed up with it). I don't know much about all the people.
I failed the first question and was immediately too discouraged to finish. :m142:
I got to about question 10 then got annoyed .. The way this test is set up is horrible ...

Of the 10 I tried, I had a 7 ..
I guessed and I got 22ish right.
I got only 1 error on the first page, but I agree this setting is too annoying... :eek:hwell:
I'm not going to tell you how many of these I got right because I am embarrassed. Let's just say I was raised by a New Age grandmother and am a fan of Kundalini Yoga.