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Movie Remakes--Good or bad?

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Jun 9, 2009
So, the purpose of this thread is to mention remakes of movies you've seen recently and your thoughts on said movies. You can even talk about tv to movie adaptations if you wish.

I'll go ahead and list a few remakes/adaptations off the top of my head to maybe start some discussion:

A Nightmare on Elm Street--It was great the first time around, but the remake was too much of the original. Repeated scenes, repeated nightmares; the film, to anyone who's seen the original, was too predictable to be scary. Sure, the movie had it's differences (such as going with Wes Craven's original image for Freddy), but the lackluster appeal really killed the movie for me, personally. I think it's a good film, but it didn't quite live up to the original. Plus, it was another case to go into the book pertaining to WHY IT'S A BAD IDEA TO USE CGI IN HORROR.

Friday the 13th--Obviously this film repeated a lot from its inspiration. However, unlike a Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th moved at a quicker pace and made me jump a few times. We see Jason's origin, from Crystal Lake to his hockey mask--something that the original series took 3 movies to do. The movie has just as much sex and nudity as the original series did on average, but that nonsense stopped about half-way through. It brought back the kinds of people we love to see killed (egotistical jerks, stoners, and sluts) and made the audience root for the psycho with a machete once again. A great remake with plenty of new material to keep old fans entertained.

(DUE LATER THIS YEAR) Tron--Holy. Crap. This is the movie geeks have been waiting to see remade. The first time around, Disney did a great job with special effects with the technology available to them. However, with films like Avatar and Clash of the Titans, there's no denying we've come a long way from the old days when Tron wowed audiences. I'm expecting this movie to leave people in a state of awe with its atmosphere/special effects/3D (it's going to happen); I just hope the story also sees massive improvement with the remake so that the movie doesn't turn out to be two-dimensional...

Anyway, those are some of my thoughts concerning remakes. Care to share yours, forum-goers?
Batman: POS.
The new batman doesn't live up to the comics, so to be favourably compared to anything it has to be compared to the old movies. In the new movies he's not an inventor, detective or even much of a fighter. He has his gimmicks and one martial art style. At least in the old movies, there was some flash to the character and the gadgets were cooler.
I almost always hate remakes, I'll try to share some examples later. I absolutely hated the Friday the 13th remake (frankly I saw it as 'porn with a horror theme to it') but then I also didn't care for the originals.

But man am I eager to see the new Tron ^_^
I think re-makes have their value. Sometimes I feel that some original movies would be so much better had they had the technology we have today. Other times the concept of an older film is really great, but in the re-make sometimes they're able to translate it better to the screen. Other times they're abysmal.
Depends mostly on the movie and how it's remade. "The Taking of Pellham 123" was a good remake of a 70's movie. The new Star Wars(es) suck compared to the originals (Yes, I know they're prequels but that doesn't excuse them)

Tron is my wet-dream come true... but I can't help but think Hollywood will fuck it up somehow.

Honestly, what made the first one was a combination of the hours I spent in the arcade playing the game and the special effects. I haven't played Tron in 20+ years though and with movies like Avatar hogging all of the effects, I seriously doubt Tron will have anything original to offer in that department.
So did the last batch.
I liked the Friday the 13th score, pretty intense.

[ame=""]YouTube- Friday The 13th 2009 Score "Sleeping Ke-Bag" By Steve Jablonsky[/ame]
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I would've if they had called them The Phantom Maori, Attack of the Hori and The Revenge of the Muss.
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now, every single mandalorian sounds like jake the muss.

You ever played KotOR2?
Im my mind, remakes are never as good as the original.

It is only shows that Hollywood is out of ideas, and it's an easier buck to make a copy than to actually be creative.
Im my mind, remakes are never as good as the original.

It is only shows that Hollywood is out of ideas, and it's an easier buck to make a copy than to actually be creative.

And don't forget nostalgia - people want to go "back" to that time when the movie first came out, to relive their experience. Unfortunately the copy can never create that time. The good remakes (those who are so few and far between) actually transcend the original, and bring new depth to the story.

Those are the ones I like. I think I can count on one hand the ones I've seen like this, though.
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The new Star Wars rely too much on special CGI effects for my tastes. Give me old fashioned scale models blowing up any day of the week!

Then you have The Force powers; they were nice and subtle, almost believable in the first movies. Yoda even needed to concentrate to lift the ship out of the pond. In the new ones though, even the padawan's can throw a robot a few hundred feet and not flinch.

When the Emperor shot lightning bolts out of his hands, THAT was an impressive show of the Dark Side that made people's jaws drop. In the new ones, people just shrug it off as normal - "Phht, even I can do that!"
The only good thing about the newer ones was that proper people made proper use of lightsabers. However, the story lines did not make a lick of sense.
All remakes are good.

Oh no you didn't! :m194:

Oh Pleaseeeeee, a slow cyborg, a crippled old man and a young boy who is using the force to guide him rather than lifelong saber training in various forms AND the force. That's not good lightsaber fighting, and lightsabers are important in a movie that was unique for its lightswords.

Bobba had nothing on Jango.
Phantom of the Opera, with Gerard Butler.
I realize this is a very big female comment, but I really cannot stand all of the synthesizing and editing they did to the lead characters' voices.
This is why musicals should be left to Broadway.
This is why musicals should be left to Broadway.

Likewise, movies should not go to Broadway. I'm looking at you, Mel Brooks!