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MBTI Warning labels theories


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Feb 9, 2009
If each type came with a warning label what do you think it would be?:fish:

Here are a few of my own:

Estj:All violators will be towed
Intp: Actually that one wasn't sarcasm
Infp: Warning: fragile
Infj: Invisible meltdown occurring in: 3...2...1
Intj: Forget it; you are not worthy
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ENTP: contents contain shock value
ISTJ: please read instructions and follow
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ENFP: Caution: spontenious hugging may occur, followed by spontenious screaming and punching.
ESTP: don't take me too seriously unless i fuck with you, which i will gladly :)
stereotypically wherever the fun is at
INFJ: Danger - High emotion output
INTJ: Do not feed or provoke
INTP: High Sarcasm content
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ESFP: Will not take anything you say seriously.
ENTJ: Warning: do not disrupt plans, doing so might result in loss of head.
INTJ: You might as well give up at being smart.
INTP: Ignoring you is a sign of affection.

ENFP: Emotional content under high pressure; do not expose to extremes or will explode.
ENFJ: Sorry, busy saving the world. Please try again later.
What a terribly fun idea!

ISTJ: Label all of life's poisons.

ESTP: Be cool enough to stay on top of it like I do.

INFP: Please be mindful of your very general direction...

ISFP: Follow your heart.

ENFP: Watch me to know what is really engaging!

ESFJ: Are you taking care of yourself properly?

ENTP: Didn't you know that?

ESTJ: Just do it like I told you, and hurry up!
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I've never encountered any ESTPs at my shindigs... we play hero-quest, drink wine and eat cheese on crackers.

ESTP fun...is not the same as ENTP fun
INFJ- May contain nuts.
ISTP- Edges may be sharp.
ISFJ- Emotions may explode or leak.
ENTP- Excessive Ne may cause irritation
ISTJ- May cause drowsiness
ESFP- Highly flammable, keep clear of fire, sugar, speed and ESTPs.
INTJ- May cause injury or death to fun.
ESTP- Keep out of reach of your sister
ISFP- Work ethic not included
ESTJ- Incessant stories may cause hearing loss
ESFJ- Gossip function may cause cat fights.
ENFP- Enfps in the rear view mirror are stranger than they appear
INFP- Do not allow to operate heavy machinery
INTP- Practical application of theory may result injury or death.
ENFJ- Staring directly at an ENFJ may result in spontaneous folk-dancing and mass suicide.
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INFP would never have a sign, mannnn! Signs are for all you other squares with your restrictions and rules and your set-in-your-ways adviseries.
*places sign on alt ctrl del*

You won't put signs on yourselves, but WE will :D

MUST... GO... LABLE!!!! *runs around haphazardly with lable maker*
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