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Mandelbrot set

Um...yeah...only international high school students would mess around with that kinda stuff. Further proof that an American High School student would have to start in Junior High if they moved to any other country.
Except Australia, they dumb down our math too...

you take a point called "z" in a complex set, where z1 equals z squared plus c, where z2 equals z1 squared plus c, and so on. It's one bad ass fucking fractal. Was designed by a mathematician who wanted to get rid of the splinters in his eye that were imaginary monsters.
I saw the documentry on if just now on the color of fractals (that's the name of it).
I just don't get how they put that forumal into a graph. What valuse means
x or y on the graph.
I also saw 3-D fractals but I wan't to know how you plug in the 2-D fractal into a graph