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Least favourite personality type?


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Jun 3, 2009
I'll go with ESTJ, probably just coz my sister's one but I don't like it much.

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At the moment it's an ESFJ I know =.= he's just so... demanding.
But I don't hate that whole personality type (nor do I HATE him), I'm just not very fond of him right now.

So close-minded and constricting.
I don't know what specific personality type this is.. i can't type a person like most of you people can hihihi

okay.. so like this frie (-nemy) (<---- not the plastic kind of friendship more of like the on and off friendship the other day we're friends the next we're not.... )of mine.. she's just so damn irritating like she's really this irritating BOSSY FREAK:m067: who thinks she can do everything and she's good at everything.. she's stubborn and when she talks, she :m185:hurts people.

and when she talks, she wants everybody:m140: to listen, she's such a big feeler feeler and she LOVES TO BE THE CENTER OF ATTENTION... she wants to win in everything she's UBERLY COMPETITIVE :m106:

she wants everybody to follow her!!!!!! and she has an air head I like to super:m088: karate her and:m030: kick her and punch:m031: her and stab:m181: her and ughhh!!!!!!! then she'd be like this :m198: ... oR DEAD!!!!

ughhhh!!!!!! GOSH!!! how PATHETIC LIKE eeeeeeeeeeeewwww!!!!!!

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my ISTP boyfriend, not that I hate Him, (well sometimes lol), just his logic always hurts when confronting my feelins... he doesn't hear or understand me and he gets defensive. So ya, for that reason, ISTP's.
IRL, I don't know the actual MBTI types of enough different people to generalize from life experience about which type I'd dislike. I also find that I'm often wrong about guessing peoples' types in advance of them actually taking the test. I guess I could look through the type descriptions and decide that I don't like one or another type. But, there is so much variation of people within a particular type that I probably like people of all kinds. I also imagine that no one type has a monopoly on mean and obnoxious people.
Not fond of people who enjoy putting others down to make themselves feel better. Especially the ones who pass it off as humour - that's despicable to me. People who are outright nasty - I can respect the honesty of that - whilst simultaneously feeling repulsion for what they are doing, but the ones who try to convince you that the awful thing they just said or did is 'only a joke' - are the worst in my eyes. I can't be comfortable around people like that.
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I don't dislike any personality type too much, but it's hard getting on with ESFJs. And I know this ENFJ that is difficult to work with sometimes, mostly because she uses Fe first and Ni second, so we're similar but still so different, but she's like a mom to me. It's weird. Extroverts in general are probably my least favorite when they don't understand Introversion.
Any type that is arrogant and bossy, but I just love pointing it out to them, so I am probably just as bad.
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if I had to pick I would say ESTP...they scare me SOOO much! Next to that it would be ISTP
For me, it's definitely a matter of context. It also depends on the individual.

My best friend is INFP, and my mortal enemy is also an INFP. Depends.
I actually don't hate anyone today.....

it feels so strange...
ESTJ, it's the only type where more then half the time I will not get along with them, even after trying to work it out over time. I have found that I actually get along very well with ISTJ though.

ENTP's tend to like me, but they are often too forward with me and as such I don't get along with them well. However, if I were to warm up to them it would be fine.
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It was a joke response. I don't understand why anyone would hate/dislike a 'type' of people. It's pretty bigoted in my book.

Well I agree we shouldn't hate a MBTI type, but given the forum it is an ok question to explore as long as we realize that MBTI types are not absolutes and while we may hate an xxxx we don't hate all xxxxs.

That said, I think we can make some generalizations. I hate murderers, why shouldn't I. I hate arrogant hypocrites who boss other people around and hate being told what to do, why shouldn't I? I hate people who steal other people's possessions with no remorse, is that wrong?

Certain negative traits are ok to dislike because they harm other individuals for selfish reasons. However, I agree, saying "I hate all ENFPs" is ridiculously closed minded, but I don't think anyone is doing that here.
I don't think there's such a thing as my least favourite type... it really depends on the person more than their type. I think there can be people in every type that I dislike...

But I used to find INTJs especially intriguing-- until I got to know one. Now I have a huge prejudice against INTJs.
lol, I would have to say ESTJ, not stereotyping or anything but I have never been able to even speak a word to one without some sort of conflict disagreement..but that's about it..

My favorite personality type is- INTP..I don't know why i'm just extremely attracted to them...
I like ESTJ's. They make me feel protective and motherly. I always have feeling that I need to guide them. They don't even know that I do that.