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Late night tv talk show hosts: favorites?


Sep 5, 2009
Late night tv talk show hosts: favorites?

Post vids if you can. Who do you like? Who don't you like? Why?

Mine: Craig Ferguson and Jon Stewart but Jimmy Kimmel is starting to inch up on the list. :D
I'm with COCO!!!

bob barker imo is the gold standard. i grew up watching him and to be honest, had a hard time appreciating just how amazing he was at hosting until drew carrey took over.

nothing against drew, but compared to bob he just doesn't fill the gaps, maybe he will in time, i have faith. but bob was a legend and i have yet to see his equal.

oh crap i just realized you were talking about late night hosts, im gonna leave this up bc bob doesn't deserve to be deleted, but in terms of late night i really enjoyed conan before he made the switch to primetime, but now i really enjoy jimmy fallon and jay leno and his consistancy.
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Not really a "talk show host" but I have to say Rachel Maddow! <3

See John Stewart blast crossfire on crossfire
Conan by far. Leno was better when he had Kevin Eubanks.
I feel very English.
I'm with COCO!!!

Agree. I thought the tonight show was much better with him.(If CBS wanted better ratings, they shouldn't have put two talk shows right next to each other...)

He went out with style though.
I like Conan the best.
Then Letterman.
Liked Jay Leno when he did stand up. But not since taking over the Tonight Show.
Something changed.
Steve Colbert > Jon Stewart > Craig Ferguson > Jimmy Kimmel > Conan O'Brian > Jay Leno > David Letterman.