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Kopete and aMSN vs MSN


Shai Gar

What do you think?

I use Nimbuzz on my mobile phone instead of MSN.
I am going to download Kopete for my laptop.


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Honestly, my experiences with aMSN haven't been good. I got it for the webcam feature (running OSX), but it was really buggy and crashed a lot. I probably won't try it again until it gets a major update.

For my mobile use, I use meebo because of the multi-client support (I use AIM, Yahoo, and MSN all at once) and it works very well for me.

For my computer, I use Adium, which is based on the program pidgin, and even though it doesn't support the webcams yet, it's better than the OSX MSN. For camera things, I use meebo's web-client.

I've never heard of Kopete, I'll have to look into it. Honestly, there are so many IM programs out there that when I find one that works well and looks nice, I stick to it. I'd give that a shot before aMSN because, as I said, it had a lot of bugs when I tried it back in March.

MSN, mobile and desktop, lacks so many standard features for instant messaging programs. I wonder if it'll ever catch up :m075:
Nimbuzz works well enough on my mobile, so I decided to use it for my computer as well.

It's Microsoft Network, It'll never catch up because they don't care enough to bother.
That's true. I guess Bill Gates gave up on world domination.

But, for my complaints, it's the program, not the network. MSN OSX doesn't even support webcam chat. I think that's a problem in the program, because I log on to the same network as you do.
MSN = Microsoft Network.

I don't like the program either, for the showing of offline users, and that space issue my OP attached image points out.
The program is too flashy for what it is, too. I really despise how it looks with the ads, the buddy list update, and everything else.

Simplicity is a plus imo for instant messengers.
Damn right.

Simple design
Intuitive layout
Multiprotocol Support
Webcamera Support
Filesharing Support
Avatar Support

That's all an IM needs.
And it needs to WORK; that's the most important thing for any program.

Adium, that being said, is near perfect in all those respects, except it suffers from file sharing issues (the Yahoo! Network is weird to give the program issues) and a lack of webcam support.

However, meebo, while web-based, I think meets all those standards. It just needs tabbed chats in the browser version, because it gets bulky with multiple chat windows open at once.
I think Adium is for OSX only, though. Pidgin is what you'll want to try, since that's what Adium is based on.

Unless, of course, you are running OSX.
If you're using linux, KMess (KDE) and Emesene (GNOME/GTK2+) are great MSN-only clients. aMSN, by any standards looks more primitive than both of these.

I detest pidgin.
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I too use meebo when I can't use msn. I haven't been on in a while though and I miss saving my convos to re-read later.