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Kids & The Marshmellow Test


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Mar 4, 2010
My psychology professor showed this in class today, I had to post it!

It's too cute and too funny, I know plenty of you will get a laugh out of it!

[ame=""]YouTube- Kids & the Marshmallow Test[/ame]
Who wants to play Cubby Bunny?
hahaha awww this is cute:m124:

and interesting actually, I wonder if I would have eaten it...or weather INFJ kids would typically.
It's Chubby Bunny. Very unsafe game LOL.
I would wait. I would ask them if they could give me even more if I wait even more. (xD) That's based on my child personality at least. I despise it now.. a little.. but that's how I am, it seems.
I can't see the video, but if it's chubby bunny, I got one up on you. We played a game called atomic fireball bunny back in youth group, same idea but instead with those atomic firball hard candies.
Na, it's not.
Here is a direct link to the video.

sweet thanks, I liked the twins. I would have stared playing with the marshmellow, ate it then started to play with the plate.

but that's five year old me, me now would eat it and be done.
Knowing how I was as a child, I probably would have waited. I was very impatient, but I always got scolded when I was, so yea .... Would be interesting to go back and see what I would have done though ... -waits for a time machine-
I didn't like marshmallows when I was a kid. I would have eaten it so I could leave.

If I liked them, I would have waited as long as required to get as many as I could get. I also would have asked how many they have in the back.
LOL oh man, I love it!

"Don't wanna eat it! Maybe I'll just smell it. Awwww yeah, that's gooood. That's the stuff. Just...just touch it a little bit. Yeahhhhh." HAHAHA.
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