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Jonathan Haidt and Moral Roots

Discussion in 'Philosophy and Religion' started by Lark, Dec 3, 2014.

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    I had thought about putting this in news and politics but then I decided that moral philosophy and moral psychology is really what is being discussed despite the labels of liberal and conservative being political labels, religion gets a mention too, I agree with what he has to say about religion BTW and I dont think it is as controversial or should be as controversial as he makes out.

    What do you think about this TED talk? Do you think he's right or insightful?

    I think its insightful but in some ways reductive, the labelling is imperfect, in my opinion, to say the least, since I know a lot of conservatives who appreciate diversity or at least do not consider it injurious, with certain provisos, such as, but not limited to, respect of competition, winners and losers etc. as a consequence of diversity or disparity, equally I know a lot of liberals who, while maintain every pretence to valuing diversity do not want any critical, disapproving or simply neutral opinions with regard to key populations who are part of that diverse mix.
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