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Joe Biden calls for New World Order


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Apr 8, 2013
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Their 'new world order' is a centrally controlled world government run by bankers....sounds like hell to me
I swear I heard him say "word order"
Wait just a minute. Did I just see Monica Lewinski peep her head out from under that podium?
maybe that is why he is mixing up his word order
And he did it without dropping a swear word. My little vice prez is growing up. T_T
Joe Biden tells judges they will need to rule on the microchipping of people and the compulsory brainscanning of people ie that these are part of the agenda of the new world order:


The 'kill bot factory' lol i like that...yeah that's a good description

When i was a kid i used to play soldiers. I used to have plastic guns and run around with my pals shooting each other or imaginary enemies. Now as an adult i know to avoid violence when possible. The thought of being in a battle now strikes me as horrific, but as a kid i watched on TV many films and programmmes and cartoons that almost fetishised violence

So clearly my perceptions have evolved since that time

Watching other people and how they've developed it becomes clear that there is often a pattern that emerges where as people become consciously aware of the REALITIES of violence and war that they tend to want to avoid it

The government know this which is why they always want to recruit people when they are young because the young haven't had a chance to evolve their perceptions yet. Their heads are still full of nationalistic nonsense and the rose tinted glasses are still firmly on their faces

The military also have another method to mould the recruits. They create a culture....a way of thinking and of viewing the world...a mindset.

Racism often plays a part in this where the soldiers are encouraged to dehumanise other peoples. For example in the first world war the germans were called 'the hun', in vietnam the opposition were called 'gooks', the arabs have been called 'ragheads' or 'Hadjis' and so on

Violence is fetishised in such a culture and obediance to central control is enforced so that people do not question what they are doing (they give up their option of exercising their own moral judgement)

The book and film jarhead i thought captured that whole culture really well. The book was written by an ex marine

Another good anti war book is 'Alls quiet on the western front' written by Erich Remarque who had this to say about war:

I think you missheard him, he clearly says he IS a zionist

Yeah that was pretty clear as day he says he is a zionist.