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Interaction with the Opposite Sex


Midnight's Garden
Nov 1, 2008
Why do we interact with the opposite sex (or sex of interest) and thus become friends? It's slightly hard for me to describe but just bear with me. I believe that most of the relationships people have with the opposite sex are based off of three things: Physical attraction, shared events, and your friend's friends.

Physical attraction is pretty simple, you become friends with someone because you are sexually attracted to them but due to opportunity or lack there of, nothing ever happens. I believe this to be the most common male to female relationship (I'm really sorry, I'm not sure where gay/lesbian people fit into this theory)

Shared events is slightly vague but these individuals are people you met because you choose to (which would fall back into physical attraction) or people you interact with on a daily basis such as a co-worker. This group of friends typically have purely platonic relationships.

You're friend's friend are basically just that, people you interact with generally because your friends brings them along and such. Usually, this friendship is genuine but it is not off the "Bff" variety. I suppose the BFF variety of this group would go into "shared events" at a point in time.

Now, opposite sex friends can offer gender specific advise and such and that's a legitimate benefit of having an opposite sex but outside of that what does an opposite sex friendship bring to the table that a same sex relationship with inherently not have? Also why is it that TYPICALLY people have more same sex friends than opposite sex friend, I would assume it's based on the comradeship and the understanding that people that are similar have.

(I know I'm missing something in this argument hence why I am posting it, I don't particularly believe that most of our opposite sex friendships are based on attraction. )
I'm terrible in this area, but most of the female friends I have are simply people I get along with. Not because we share common ground(though we might) or becuse she's hot. Though this would be more along the lines of a platonic relationship, Physical attraction would deffinitley be a factor in something deeper.