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Inheretant functions & preferences

Aug 6, 2010
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(Sorry if this seems like a rubbish question but wanted to make a thread.)

I was wondering if it was possible to inherit functions and preferences (from parents, family etc.) or whether it's purely down to the individual themselves and possibly influence.

For example out of my family I'm the only N type. (My sister is an ESFP which makes Ni her least function, Does that say anything?) and my Dad is an ISTJ which could explain why I sometimes use Si on some occasions.

What do you guys think about this?:m075:
Yes we inherit functions genetically. No you're not automatically going to share your parents functions due to the infinite possibilities of genetics.

If you want to find where you get it all from, looking at your grandparents will make more sense than your parents.
it's probably genetically influenced if not completely genetically determined, but as [MENTION=2495]88chaz88[/MENTION] said, it wouldn't depend solely on the genes of your parents.
I feel that functions are genetic to some degree, but are controlled by a series of genes (like eye color which is controlled by 8 or so genes). I believe one is born with four functions. These four functions then start to solidify into an order as you age and experience life. Thus, you are born to be four possible types.