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I'm considering some new pets


Shai Gar

I'm considering getting a Maine Coon kitten, and an English Mastiff puppy. They're both giants of their types, (Canines and Felines) and are the "gentle giant" breeds. Maine Coons are supposedly very active and clownish, and can get on well with dogs. That bit is unsurprising as it's as big as a medium damn dog.











:D I want a cat because I love cats, but also because I love watching them hunt. I want a mastiff because I don't want people in my damn yard, and they're a beautiful dog.
Don't know about the dog, but a cat that big would be awsome. Imagine the purring that would go on.

The only thing I would be worried about is the tendency of cats go go slightly crazy every now and then and start running around the house. If you had a giant cat who went crackers and decided to give you a little nip or scratch before running off, you might need stiches.
msn convo said:
Shai Gar - Melbourne on Saturday. says (9:03 PM):
I'm thinking two mastiffs and three maine coons
illi-omg, dont apologize for him arthas says (9:03 PM):
Shai Gar - Melbourne on Saturday. says (9:04 PM):
of course, that means i'll probably be crushed in bed
illi-omg, dont apologize for him arthas says (9:04 PM):
Shai Gar - Melbourne on Saturday. says (9:04 PM):
since i tend to let the dogs and when i had bart, my cat, sleep with me
illi-omg, dont apologize for him arthas says (9:04 PM):
Shai Gar - Melbourne on Saturday. says (9:04 PM):
hmm, maybe i should get a customised bed, double the size of a king

Serious consideration... anyone know what beds are bigger than a King? And don't say California King because the difference is 10cm.
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My Maine Coon kitten kicked my ass all the time I did not mind it much but the kids got attacked one too many times and she had to go. I really liked her. Great cat!!
It's why I never want kids.

I like to wrestle with my pets.
She was fun I named her Mr Tuffy. And she lived up to her name lol Searching for photos now!
Look forward to seeing them, in the meantime, goodnight, i'm off to sleep.
Hahah, I had a Maine coon once. I'd worry about the heat where you live, though. These cats are basically the kind you can throw out in the forests of Norway and they adapt immediately. Seriously, they're like lynx. With the one I had, it was in Houston, and she was miserable. We had to get her shaved pretty often because of it.

Mastiffs, depends on the individual and somewhat the breed, but I'd go in for my favourite -- Rottweilers. Next to that is Neapolitans and English. Great Pyrenees are good, too, but a little too overprotective. Had to get into a near fight with one at some point. There are oddball breeds out there, too, and a mix would be good. Boxers are utterly hilarious, if you want a doofy puppy for years. They look mean, though, and that's what counts, right?
I'm considering moving to a much much colder climate.

Canada or Tasmania or Blue Mountains
I highly reccomend getting a maine coon! I have one back home and I simply ADORE her!!! She is a sweetheart. A bit on the small side for the breed, but she is still a big kitty. She is also crazy smart (she figured out how to open doors). She is also surprizingly vocal, and the breed is supposed to be quiet. Me and my mom think that she has rationlaized that making noise is how to comunicate, and as such she does as well. We have learned what each of her meows mean.

I wanted a koala, a sloth or a wombat or an anklyosaurus (first pet i ever wanted).

Why a giraffe?
Hmm, English Mastiffs.... lots of drool, don't live especially long, clumsy. Clumsy and huge. As a breed, they can be prone to hip dysplasia, gastric torsion, bone cancer, and kidney stones. Vet treatment is more expensive proportional to size.

I've known several EM's though, and they're all really amiable, affectionate, and playful (but lazy). Perhaps a little dumb... they seem to think they're lap dogs despite how enormous they are. I knew one that lived with five cats, and she got along with them no problem. Her name was 'Volga.'

Mastiffs aren't really my type - I dig German Shepherds. But they're nice dogs overall.
That cat would eat a man if he were laid up sick enough in bed.
The mastiff is cute.
Yeah, Maine coons are really compatible with dogs and vice versa. But they're not so compatible with raccoons, based on my experience.

The one thing I really liked about the Maine coons I knew was that they had surprisingly dog-like personalities themselves, always sort of hanging around and getting curious about what you were doing, and even being protective (see previous raccoon statement--'coons and coons just don't mix, and uh, that wasn't racial).
Noone assumed it was. Except here in australia the aboriginals tried to sue Coon Cheese because they thought it sounded racist.

I want a raccoon as well.
Hahah, my mom raised two male raccoons from babies. You're probably better off with the cat.