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I Pick the Crazy Ones

Ergo Christobal

Talking Lightbulb
May 8, 2010
So I have this bad habit of somehow ending up dating or liking really crazy girls. My first relationship wasn't too bad on the crazy scale, but it still ended with her cheating despite her deep convictions against such activity. Then, my next girlfriend, after breaking up decides that it's a good idea to hack my facebook to spy on who I'm talking to, lie to me about my friends, egg my car and all the while trying to get me back.

Since then, I met this very nice girl who recognized me when I was working from a few years back at a debate competition. She was really nice, really pretty, and debated pretty well too. So we're talking on facebook and i offhandedly mention the church I go to. She promptly apologizes for the fact that she can no longer talk to me, due to the fact that I'm not an orthodox baptist.

So not to be deterred, I later ask a girl from work out to a dance at school. It was a really lame high-school type dance, and we were both too old for that. We ended up talking instead of dancing, and she was really cool and very pretty. Later I find out that she uses a variety of illegal narcotics, and ends up dumping me because... I still don't know. she didn't even know why. It was very sudden. I suspect it was because I still wasn't ready for sex.

So I guess what I'm asking is how do I avoid the crazy people? I'm a really good gauge of personality and character, but I'm terrible when it comes to psychological stability. So far, I've got this conviction that everybody is a little bit crazy. If so, I guess I'm fine with that.
After all, We're all mad here...
You cant avoid them. All women are crazy.
You cant avoid them. All women are crazy.
Just as I had thought...
As my dad told me a few years back:
"No matter how pretty a girl is, where she's from, or what she's like, there is a guy somewhere out there that is tired of her shit."

Any tips on how to at least stay away from the facebook stalkers? Or the car eggers...
the hot crazy scale?
Date a geek.

Granted, I fucked a computer game designer back in 02 who said she'd kill her son to keep me, so that's no guarantee, but the most stable and fun girls I've known were geeks.