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Nov 12, 2008
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I know some of you on here have been following this as well. A viral video campagin that emerged at the beginning of the year. The artist known as iamamiwhoami (whom it's pretty much decided is the swedish artist Jonna Lee), has just completed spelling out her identity with song titles. She is now known as "BOUNTY". I have discovered that just around the time when iamamiwhoami came out another account was created with the name IamBounty. Because of this, and the (annoyingly tantalizing) last seconds of the video y, we can likely expect more from this AMAZING musical and visual artist.

Here are all of her full length videos relased in order, with y being released only a few hours ago:

This is such an interesting way to do things. Very creative!
Her music is almost 100% perfect for me. I love it. MOAR such music please!
Her art, only occasionally likable - I adore the cat tricks, the complexity with simplicity, and respect her artistic honesty so to speak. She's bold to present this type of art. Reminds me a bit of Bjork.
But to be frank, I'd prefer if she gives up the art completely, in favor of black screens with her well crafted songs.

Cheers with u-2! :) /volume max!/ I can see this song being in the score of a serious mainstream kickass movie.

p.s. Indigo, she has a bit of your aristocratic lineaments:
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