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How Decisions are Irrational


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Nov 12, 2008
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I just opened a really really big can of words for myself...

This talk explains how our decision making process is easily influenced by external circumstances, and by what choices are presented to us, even if the choices are highly undesirable. It's scary in a way to see how easily influenced people can be. Even more unneriving, is I could see in myself how I would have said one thing over another depending on what was presented. Needless to say it was quite upsetting to realise this.

The reason I say I opened a can of worms for myself... Is because now I have to fix this. Once I learn about some kind of innefficency of the mind and emotions, I become extremely conscious of it, and will begin to work on it. The problem is, this seems very difficult to surmount, if not impossible. I must try though. Guess I can welcome myself to some more internal pain!
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It's slightly scary, but very interesting. It makes sense that we make decisions based on pre-existing choices and such. It was also interesting to see the effect of opting in and opting out in visual form (I had previously done some studying on it) also I found it interesting that when the choices became more complex (as shown by the hip replacement segment) the doctors had a harder time actually taking them out of hip replacement route simply because they were more options if they had successfully taken them out because of two separate set of pills instead of one
I've believed this for a long time. Though I value logic and reason that valuing is itself non-logical and IMO everyone is at thier core non-logical and non-rational, even superficially hyper-logical folks with Asperger's like myself.

I have noticed that a lot of Ts have a huge amount of trouble accepting the non-logical and non-rational side of themselves, they see it as a character flaw and try to repress it, or cover it up with rationalizations, yet the more they try to repress it the more it unconsciously consumes them, poisoning more and more of their thought processes until they have a mental breakdown.