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May 11, 2008
You normally have to pay for this career test (usually $5-$12), but this community college made a quick and easy internet version one.


My Holland Code: SIA
Suggested Careers: Counseling Psychologist, Registered Nurse, Sociologist

If anyone knows of a better online Holland test, then please let me know.
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  • Artistic: 16
  • Conventional: 15
  • Social: 11
  • Investigative: 11
  • Enterprising: 8
  • Realistic: 6

Holland Code(s):

But I couldn't find any careers associated with ACS or ACI :(

ETA: I couldn't give up, so I kept searching. I found one book page (copyrighted so I couldn't copy) that said ACS is a rare and contradictory code and doesn't have any careers associated with it. Hmpf! I kept looking and found this:

Jobs That Match Your Career Type
1 Job Descriptions Found That Match Career Type = A C S

Career Type
Link To Job Description
A-C-S Caption Writers

A-C-I Librarians
A-C-I Music Arrangers and Orchestrators
Caption writer??? Music Arranger/Orchestrator? I don't play any muscial instruments! I could deal with Librarian though. I guess that's where they hide us "rare, contradictory" types.
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You have finished the quiz and your Holland Code results are as follows:
  • Artistic: 12
  • Investigative: 9
  • Enterprising: 5
  • Conventional: 3
  • Social: 2
  • Realistic: 2
Holland Code(s):
Sorry it didn't work out as well for you. :meyes:

Hey, no problem! I like my current job... stay at home mom to my INFJ son :becky:
  • Investigative: 12
  • Social: 10
  • Conventional: 10
  • Artistic: 10

I think i were ISC on the real test (did it the day after i did the official MBTI test)
  • Artistic: 15
  • Social: 6
  • Realistic: 6
  • Investigative: 5
  • Enterprising: 1
  • Conventional: 1
  • Investigative: 14
  • Artistic: 13
  • Conventional: 11
  • Realistic: 11
  • Social: 11
  • Enterprising: 7

Holland Code(s):

This test is kind of useless...
I suppose you are right. I just don't like career related tests because they always seem very subjective to me. Haha I guess it all makes sense now... seeing as I score high on Investigative, I like things that are more objective.

I feel more artistic and conventional, but I always get this Investigative crap which tells me to go do forensics and math and boring garbage I don't like to do and don't want to do. I just love learning.
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The one I took in high school was different, but I've always gotten the same results. It was more useful with matching scores and extensive listing of professions and their descriptions. I liked it.
  • Artistic: 10
  • Investigative: 8
  • Social: 5
  • Conventional: 2
  • Enterprising: 2
  • Realistic: 2
  • Social: 10
  • Investigative: 9
  • Artistic: 9
  • Conventional: 4
  • Realistic: 3
  • Enterprising: 2

SIA = Counseling Psychologist which is what I want to be! =)

Holland Code(s):
  • Realistic: 1 *lowest
  • Investigative: 14 *highest
  • Artistic: 9

  • Social: 11
  • Enterprising: 2
  • Conventional: 3

Your Holland Codes are as follows:

Realistic: 1 *lowest
Investigative: 6
Artistic: 12
Social: 12
Enterprising: 13 *highest
Conventional: 10

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  • Realistic: 7
  • Investigative: 15 *highest
  • Artistic: 6
  • Social: 13
  • Enterprising: 4 *lowest
  • Conventional: 13
Your Holland Codes are as follows:

Nothing fits my code(s), ha! I have yet to take a career test that will actually give me options. Oh well, I have known what I wanted to do for a long time, and no test will tell me otherwise.
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Realistic: 9
Investigative: 4 *lowest
Artistic: 14 *highest

  • Social: 10
  • Enterprising: 6
  • Conventional: 6
Your Holland Codes are as follows:

Realistic: 3 *lowest
Investigative: 15 *highest
Artistic: 9
Social: 8
Enterprising: 9
Conventional: 7
Your Holland Codes are as follows:

Nothing close to the recommended careers for these. Discouraging...not knowing what I want to do when I grow up is a constant frustration.
Your Holland Codes are as follows:

  • ASE
  • AES

Job Environment: Artistic
Advertising Art Director
Film/Video Producer
Graphic Designer
Interior Designer
Multi-Media Artist
Museum Curator
Music Teacher
Stage Technician
Advertising Manager
Audio/Visual Equipment Technician
Drama Teacher
English Teacher
Social Psychologist
Technical,Scientific Publications Editor