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Guess this poets Nationality. (Part 2)


Shai Gar

First Two Verses.
Quoted verbatim.
Mind is ever groping, groping; problems yet to solve;
Often wond'ring, sometimes moping, thinking how things could evolve;
Ev'ry ascent growing steeper, far beyond the craggy rise;
And the chasms, darker, deeper, awesome to the learned and wise.

What a deep and lonesome height, doth aspiring mind astound;
None hath seen the topmost summit, none the nether deeps can sound;
Much is yet to mind a problem, none ignore, and none dispise;
This, the sages and the foolish ever daily recognise:
But inspiring fierces urge us on to progress, not in vain;
If we should fail in any project, many more will try again.

This is not a translation, it's from a very old book of poetry I found in the bookstore/cafe I frequent with a pricetag of $200.00
10 replies in and I'll give away the authors name in the Thread Title.
SHAIEDIT: HAH! Can't google any of the lines either. I tried googling the poets name and only came up with one accurate link, and nothing on this poem. Googling the poets title gives fuck all too.

Also, discussion on the poem itself.