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funny dream I had


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Feb 17, 2009
I had a new dream which I really liked. I was on Hohman Ave in Hammond, IN but it was a much nicer place. Very ritzy. I dont remember how it started but it had something to do with the way the walls were heated with christmas lights just inside the walls. The walls were made of this kind of slightly translucent brick so you could see the lights. I eventually made it down to the sidewalk with David Bowie. It was me, David Bowie, some girl, and I think it was Willis from Diff'rent Strokes. Well I was very happy naturally and I started singing Dance Magic Dance and then David Bowie sang the goblin part. I was incredibly happy about that. When I went back inside I could see the christmas lights were shining through the wall a little brighter although this was unrelated to meeting Bowie.

The hotel had many floors. The first three were kind of a mall, similar to Circle City Mall in Indy. I know I was staying on the fourth floor with David Bowie but I never went in there to sleep. It was kind of a day trip. So I had to carry the girl up to the fourth floor for no reason. The girl worked as somekind of a baggage handler/usher and has one of those red bellboy outfits on with the round red cap. Well if you work there you work there for life. There was an old lady with the same job and she was having some health problems. Many of them stood on along bases and tops of the stairs almost like guards. One of the ladies was Elisabeth Sladen, one of Dr. Who's companions (but not in the dream) in the dream she was just some lady who looked in her 40's but insisted she was 79 years old.

Nothing really occured after that. I was so excited that I had met David Bowie and sang that song with him. I remember kind something about a food court outside and driving to it, but it was not Hammond when I got there, only when I had left. Other than that it was just me running around the mall area, at some point I had went by a bookstore and a store like the one in Valpo that sells all kinds of assorted junk and art in the 2nd floor.