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Five minutes,

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May 12, 2008
The earth will explode in five minutes, where are you? Who are you spending your last moments with and what are you doing?

I'm at home, alone, playing X-box 360.

On the phone with my mom, or ideally in person with her.
At the spot that will have the best view but isn't crowded.
With my partner - maybe just us. and a steady stream of love. standing in front of each other, intensely staring into each other's eyes - somehow summoning courage and strength in silence.
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I will be using my superpowers, trying desperately to save the world. Maybe with my super-hero friends...Maybe alone. Maybe I'll die trying, but ideally...I'll be trying to stop it, with my powers.

Since, I have yet to discover my earth-saving powers...I'll probably be with someone I love, looking at something beautiful in nature.
Surprised no one said the obvious answer.

Surprised no one said the obvious answer.


As I have no rocket of my own and you seem to be set with one I'm either getting an invite from you or taking it off you by force *loads shotgun* your choice :smile:
Wanna ride on my rocket?!
so what happens after the earth explodes and the rocket runs out of fuel?
  1. The rocket is only temporary, we're just prolonging the inevitable.
  2. We're just getting front row seats to see the earth go bang from space, the best view.
  3. We're not going anywhere anyways, I mean the moon is gonna be effected somehow.
Wanna ride on my rocket?!

Why yes I do, thankee. Hey waitup... THE WORLD IS GOING TO EXPLODE?!? OMG WHO WOULD DO THAT?!? WHY?!?

OOOooooo 5 minutes? run around breaking things and starting fights... ANARCHY! *boob squeeze*
Bad gopher! Bad!

Kay I admit it made me giggle a little :D
I can squeeze out a lot of words in 5 minutes... so I'm in a group hug with my husband, both kids, and all the pets. I'm telling them how much I love them and that if some kind of life goes on after we die, I'd like nothing better than for us all to find each other again in some way, shape or form.
I would be making sweet sweet love with my boyfriend...granted, a very short and sweet bang-bang, but that's probably what I'd be doing. I'd call up all my friends/family I was close to, tell them I love them, then watch from the window with my lovey until the end.
I'd smile and think its finally over ;)
I am eating food and drinking alcohol.
I'd smoke some pot, take a hit of acid....then sit back with a dumb look sayins

Well if that's the logic we're using Alcyone, I might as spike everyone with some X and fuck for the last five minutes of existence on the mortal plane.
Well, I figured I only have five minutes to live.....its take much longer than that to achieve an orgasm....trying that would be a waste of my time.

Might as well try something I've never done before in my last five minutes of exsistence.