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Firefly (If it were an 80s TV show)

Sadly, they probably would have "dumbed it down" for 80's TV.

I love Firefly, it's one of those series that left me with a hollow, empty feeling inside when I saw the last episode a few months ago (I came on board the Firefly bandwagon later in life).

Serenity just twisted that knife a bit deeper since it killed off two of my favorite characters... seriously, what did Wash ever do to anyone?!
His sudden but inevitable betrayal killed the stegosaurus!
That's what!
I don't like it...

Sure it looks nifty, but it takes away what I love about Firefly. That intro doesn't give a sense of what the show really is, and that makes it bad in my opinion.
And where are the horses?! :sad:
No no no no no no no.

This is a complete butchery that should be killed with fire!

Firefly is a space western (underlined for emphasis), not some generic star trek ripoff that's trying to be grittier.
Yes, exactly that. I always got the sense of 'space cowboys' from the show, and the intro plays along to that. The final scene in the intro where the craft is taking off over a herd of galloping horses tells you everything you need to know about the show.
This one takes out all of that, it kinda gave the sense of an old cop show even.
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You guys had to live and breathe the 80s to get this joke. It's TOTALLY hilarious and taking the mickey of all those 1980s shows, so this intro would totally fit for the 1980s, because that's what the 1980 actions shows were all about.

The only thing that would've been different is, they would've added some light, lilting, romantic music during Inara's introduction in the credits.

All you have to do is look up the intro clips for (80s) Buck Rodgers, (OLD) Battlestar Galactica, Knight Rider, Magnum PI, Airwolf, etc.

Although, they did forget to add Simon in their intro. Sad day!

*And totally agree about the sadness of Firefly. I wish it had at LEAST another two or three seasons. Fox was crazy to cancel such a wonderful show. And my favorites were Zoe, Book, and, yeah, not so happy funtimes with Serenity either. Felt like I lost a best friend. :(