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External/Extraverted sensing of a cultured INFJ

Discussion in 'The INFJ Typology' started by halfamazing, Oct 1, 2015.

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    I am speaking in real world and I will allow the scientists to sort of clean up the cognitive function details.

    Having been immersed and exposed as a child to various cultures and races and as an adult living in various countries as well as serving in a variety of career fields, I don't see color. But it wasn't until I moved to DC a couple years ago, after having lived in Miami for 10 years, that I began seeing color.

    Growing up in Queens, NY, I collect sneakers, listen to hip hop, can speak the street lingo.
    Living in DC, I can wear a suit and speak the language of congressman and white house staffers.
    Military, I can speak their language of ISTPs.
    Law Enforcement, I can speak their language of again many ISTPs as me being a former police officer. I left because I can't deal with type As that don't know how to shut it off.
    Dj/nightclub consultant, I can speak the language of nightlife and music on all levels and demographics.
    Personal trainer- I can speak the language of athletes on all levels.
    Having lived in a variety of countries, I can connect with russians, asians, latin americans, and can name various parts of their world to have a deeper connection.

    So basically I don't see color, or at least I didn't until I moved to DC. When I first moved here, I immediately felt a sense of blandness. It hit me really strong. I tried to express it but nobody really understood. It wasn't until I did more research that I came to find out the true texture of this government town and the types of people that this area attracts- many INTJ flow chart readers and statisticians that don't rely on emotions but pure logic at any cost. But it was something else that took me a while to pick up on. I started to sense a wall between myself and others that I had never felt before. Not in a direct sense of racism but a sense that many white folks came from the midwest and had never really dealt with other races. I also felt that those of other races didn't understand my ability to be dynamic and expected that I acted a certain way. I then started doing more research and came to the following site:


    The vast majority of Census tracts on the east side of D.C. are overwhelmingly black, while the vast majority of western tracts are overwhelmingly white. So while D.C. might not be as segregated as some others ranking above it, its segregation is very apparent. As the images show, it almost divides the city right down the middle.

    So, I just thought I would share some of my real world experiences. Again, I don't really get too deep in the details of Ni Vs Se only when it is needed. Even then, it takes me a while to fully comprehend and it takes too much time. While with others, it's easier to figure it out.

    For those wondering (I know this will happen) there is no question. It's just an observation I am sharing.

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