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Does this sound INFJ?

Discussion in 'The INFJ Typology' started by Lindberg, Aug 4, 2014.

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    Aug 4, 2014
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    I have been looking for my 'true' type for a couple of years, I went from INTP/INTJ to ESFJ to ENTP, and now I find INFJ. The reason for this ridiculous multi-typing is I always find there are certain parts of the descriptions that fit me well. And I know those eight cognitive functions theories by heart by now but somehow just don't know how to apply them on me. Anyway, I am not expecting to be typed (though it would be appreciated if I am), I just wanna find someone who can relate to my journey or confusion and is willing to shed some light on it.

    -I am now pretty sure I am not an INTP as i.) my thinking has only been developed for the past year or so (I'm in my mid 20s). ii.)I realise the INTP functions are something that I admire/long for.

    -I have hardly been interested in hard facts/science.

    -I have an intense but comparatively short-lived and random appeared feeling. It is the reason I once considered myself ESFJ as I would do anything for any person (not necessary close ones) so long as this feeling is there; yet, as horrible as it sounds, I couldn't care less my loved ones need help if the feeling isn't presented. Another example is my mood/feeling can be hugely affected by music or novels/movies and I get stuck in it like it's a whirlpool. It reminds me a bit like drugs, this intense mood swing is sometime upsetting but at the same time it makes me feel real and even peaceful.

    -I am generally quite shy and have low self confidence. I absolutely hate meeting a group of strangers all at once but I am happy to meet stranger one by one in separate meet ups. I am okay with hanging out with a big group of close friends.

    -I see things in a quite binary way. More so when I was younger, everything was either black or white, right or wrong.

    -I hate dealing with daily life incidents, such as paying bills, groceries shopping, returing faulty goods etc.

    -I am quite a negative perfectionist. I procrastinate a lot.

    -I am very oblivious to external environment, more so as I grow up.

    -I tend to bury my head into the sand when a problem is presented. (Or maybe I am just procrastinating?)

    -I daydream all my life.

    Are you related to any of these? If yes what is your type and how sure are you?

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