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DnD 4E Character Creation.

So, there's this young changeling kid... he was being picked on and rocks were being thrown at him.
When all of a sudden a human walks up and stops the kids from doing that, cutting one of the kids arms off who was about to throw a particularly big stone at him. Anyway, this human picks the kid up, and takes him back to his hotel.

[9:35:56 AM] **Gorgeous Girl** says: But he cut a kid's arm OFF?
[9:36:03 AM] **Gorgeous Girl** says: That's a bit extreme

He looks after his wounds, and ensures that he's okay. The changeling child is wide eyed, but not talkative, so the nobleman decides to take the kid home, look after him, since he found out after intense questioning that he was an orphan.

[9:36:57 AM] **Gorgeous Girl** says: Aw

The nobleman ends up adopting him, and gives him the advice that if he takes on a human form, he won't be picked on as much. ...blah blah blah... The nobleman is the assistant spymaster for the king.

[9:39:01 AM] **Gorgeous Girl** says: Ooh, that's exciting!

The young changeling learns from his new "dad" many tricks of the profession, and becomes a psionicist like one of his fathers advisors. When his father takes on the role of Spymaster, at the childs age of 16, the kid is taught more and more about the world and the profession.

Anyway, he's introduced to the king in private, and the king accepts the young man as the heir to the noble house, to come of age at 26, after he has proven his mettle to the king. So he learns to take on identies, and become a very good spy.

eventually he's got four identities:
Eladrin Swordmage (Aramil),
Human Merchant Trader (Rovan Uppmahn),
Dragonborn Arms Trader (K'Thranos Okarr),
and a Human Pauper (Bencal)

But while he's skilled and is starting to go places, the king and his father believe that he should test his mettle out in the real world... and so, introductory letters are sent out to senior spies around the world, so that he can keep in contact should it be necessary.

The young man, at the age of 21 is Unaligned, but is fiercely loyal to the king and his father, having come from almost being killed as a poor orphan in another kingdom, to being a nobleman, and well trained with a profession.

Here's where he meets the others.

I've got to create extremely indepth stories for the four identities now. Because he'll very very rarely show his true form.
His most common form will be that of Bencal because Bencal is his oldest identity, although Aramil is his favourite, as it gets the most attention, and opens more doors to powerful secrets.