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Desire for an Identical Twin?


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Apr 20, 2009
Have you ever wished that you had an identical twin? The idea fascinates me to a great extent because of some of the benefits that an identical twin brings:

-practical jokes
-having someone who understands you on a whole different level
-being able to complete one another's sentences
-always having a best friend (hopefully for life)
-being able to physically see a duplicate of oneself

Of course there are disadvantages that go along as well, but I wonder how many others share similar sentiments for an identical twin.
Yes, the fights would be awesome and brutal!
It would be nice to have a twin. I would have a companion, a friend, someone my age to joke around with. Of course there would be the problems concerning self identity and individuality that I bet would come from it. If I had a twin, I wish we were fraternal. What would really get on my nerves though, is if we had similar sounding names, or names with alliteration. Ick!
Hell no. I dislike my sister enough as it is- having an identical twin? Worst idea to ever surface.
This is something I've heard INTJs mention quite a bit.

I would hate a twin if I had one. Seeing my flaws in others is a major annoyance of mine.
I'm a fraternal twin. I kind of wonder what it would be like to have an identical twin; we have very different personalities (INFJ vs. ENTJ), although we look very similar (although the differences are obvious once you get to know us well)

But if anyone has any questions about "what it's like," I can probably answer some of them
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I used to want a twin when I was younger. But that was mainly because I have 3 brothers and they didn't readily accept me in their games/plots/stuff.
Who won the fights?

Believe it or not, even though she's ENTJ and stubborn as all hell and not really mindful of others...I usually win the fights. Actually, I have the capacity to be very brutal towards her, and as kids I tended to be the leader-ish one.

I used to be known as the evil one. She's taken that title now, but I used to act more INTJish and she used to be more ENFJish, and now we're more in our natural state as INFJ and ENTJ...but I still can rip her apart in a fight (although it's emotionally draining)
I used to want a twin just because I was curious as to what it would be like and I thought it would be kind of novelty.
But then I started thinking...
It would be awful, if you were identical, to be confused for your twin sibling all the time. My sense of uniqueness is not something I'd like parting with.
I wouldn't like dealing with the stereotypical veiw that twins have the exact same personality. You know one and you've practically met the other type thing.
Would I still have my personal space and alone time? And would we be constantly compared in abilities? Yes, probably.
I've known a few twins that have been put in competition with eachother by their parents, peers, ect.

So, I'd have a twin for a day. But after that, no.
Competition is a big thing. I'm very competitive for many reasons. And you never really feel good enough, but you never really want to leave the other in the dust either
I would never want an identical twin. I am far too private.
It has never crossed my mind. What I've always wished for tho, was a lil' brother/sister.
Can you imagine all the shenanigans? :D
The way I see it, one of me is bad enough.

That's exactly what I was thinking (about myself of course :D)

I wouldn't want one either, it's hard enough to live with myself sometimes, let alone having a second one of those walking around. However yes, this twin would probably understand what I'm talking about.. Hm tempting, but no thanks I guess
Oh hell yeah! And not just identical, but an actual clone, and not just a clone, but as though I was just split into two right now and then just go from there. Just imagine it! In fact, I think it was the initial appeal of coming here, looking for that character that I identify with or relate to as deeply as possible. Of course as it turns out I'm definately an INFP, but there's still a lot to relate to and a lot to stick around for. I have become particularly close to one member here, and the way we relate outside of the forum has been exciting and jarring even though she is an INFJ. If there was a second exact version of me, it would be to the point of hilarity. Frequent running at the mouth in my mad-sciency tone would be met with clarity, and menacing gestures and sound effects would also be met with clarity.

I am so wildly open and communicative that even if there was some source of stress to be managed, I, and myself would be very willing to manage it in some way...
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if i had an identical twin, i bet i wouldn't be the same person i am now. if she was an INFJ too, growing up may not have been so hard. then again, i'm not sure how well i'd function with someone so similar to me within such a close kind of creeps me out and fascinates me at the same time.
Heh, this is a very INFJ-ish topic. Like Hinsoog said and others have alluded to - it's partly a desire to just be understood naturally for once. I'm not a twin, but through these forums I've met my twin. :D It's pretty awesome that there's people out there who think like me.

if i had an identical twin, i bet i wouldn't be the same person i am now. if she was an INFJ too, growing up may not have been so hard. then again, i'm not sure how well i'd function with someone so similar to me within such a close kind of creeps me out and fascinates me at the same time.
That's a good point. If I grew up with a twin, I'd be even more isolated and aloof from the world than I am now. Part of what kept me grounded was the need for human companionship. Otherwise, I'd likely have just drifted off into my own world of being.
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