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Closing Arguments


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May 11, 2008
Judge Walker heard closing arguments today on the same sex marriage trial in California.

My gut tells me that whatever he decides will determine the course of same sex marriage in the United States for the remainder of my life. It'll probably decide whether I will pursue a career and life in this country or I begin the process of moving to where I could have a relationship that is legally recognized and respected. The anti gay marriage side failed miserably to make a rational case. Their own 2 witnesses declared that same sex marriage would be beneficial and that gays are discriminated against. Their closing argument that marriage is for procreation is dealt a serious blow by the common sense fact that they aren't willing to strip infertile couples and elderly couples of their right to marry. Walker holds in his hand my future and the future of millions of gay men and women, not to mention 8 to 10 million children of gay parents and same sex couples. What will he do? As this case finds its way into the appeals court and possibly the Supreme Court, what rational argument could possibly be made to support the animosity this country has so clearly shown towards gays and lesbians by denying them a fundamental right?
I'm wishing too buddy, getting the same feeling. Have been eagerly awaiting it for awhile. I remember being shocked to see Ted Olson on our side a few months ago.
While this decision does not directly affect me it will indirectly affect me. I've known a fair number of friends and acquaintances that did not find the opposite sex appealing, they were human beings just like anyone else. They deserve the right to spend the rest of their lives with the one person they choose to cherish and love for the rest of their lives. That bond is sacred to me, it is a bond between two souls, I can't see how anyone in their right mind could say that two adults of the same gender are any less deserving of this happiness.

I hope and I pray that they do not close the doors of union for homosexuals in this country. There are far too many good people like yourself Satya that we need to keep moving forward as a culture and we've come too far to treat anyone as less of an equal just because the one soul they find comfort in shares the same gender.
As much as I hate to say it. The United States unlike many western countries has always halted the natural and positive progress its people need to make.

I hope this time its different. I only hope this goes well. or I will have truly lost my hope for the USA.
I wonder if this will mark the fork in the road where the usa stays the usa or instead becomes the christian states of america?

I can't imagine the decision to allow same sex marriage could be held back by anything other than a Veto or some similar "we use our power to just tell you no" sort of thing.
I don't think there is a rational argument to be made... If rationality was at work here, same-sex marriage would already be legally recognized. I think the only reason the issue is an issue is because a lot of people have very strong ideas about what people "should" or "shouldn't" do when it isn't any of their business. In my opinion, it's cut from the very same cloth as bigotry, in that even when proven wrong, many die-hard believers continue hold onto their logically incorrect views, and continue to argue their glaringly biased points.

Sorry for the rant. This shit makes me mad. I hope that my faith in American politics will be renewed this time... (I must say, Obama, at least; is on the right track IMO)
Always plan B: Lobby for the striking of marriage from law and have civil unions installed in its place removing the only "reasonable" argument that marriage is a religious word and should not be "corrupted"

Plan C: lobby for formation of law that would force marriage to be enforced by the letter of the religious law the were married under. ie Catholics must seek annulments via the pope and so forth.

Plan D: To Canada! It can't be much colder than Montana...