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Christmas songs and holiday music


Time Lord
Oct 7, 2009
Florida man
so I have found myself as i have every year, yearning for the music of the christmas season, even thoug during that season I wan't nothing more ten for it to disapear.

either way post some of your favorite holiday music.

[ame=""]YouTube- Celtic Woman-Carol Of The Bells[/ame]
I love the violin in this version

[ame=""]YouTube- august burns red carol of the bells[/ame]
another version I love from ABR

[ame=""]YouTube- Casting Crowns - I Heard The Bells on Christmas Day Live[/ame]
I know this one is kinda new, but I have feeling it's going to be an instant classic.

[ame=""]YouTube- Capital Lights- His Favourite Christmas Story (+lyrics)[/ame]
this one has actually made me cry a little, it's a true story.

[ame=""]YouTube- Casting Crowns - While You Were Sleeping Muisc Video[/ame]
I just plain love this song, infact one of my favorite titles for God is displayed in this song. Also it a cryer
Here's my favorite. It still gives me chills!

[ame=""]YouTube- Jewel - Ave Maria[/ame]

Also, this one.

[ame=""]YouTube- Jewel - O Holy Night[/ame]
beutifull voice, I think I like holy night better then ave maria
In these UTube versions I would agree with that. If you listen to her actual original recordings (which is what I listen to at Christmas) then it's the other way around for me.