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Choices: Is having so many . . . always a good thing?


Sep 5, 2009
I think we all appreciate having choices, more options, at our disposal. It allows us to feel free and confident that we can do and accomplish more.

But is having so many choices always a good thing? What are the cons of too many choices (if any)?
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I'd say that it's not always the best thing.

Let's say that we speak about the possible career choices. One would think that having a variety to choose from is a good thing because everyone could (theoretically) find the place for themselves and a career that they are going to shine in their full potential. But when you come to the choosing point which criteria are you going to use? Too many possible choices needs more criteria points, and then you can easily get lost in over-thinking. And even when they choose one, there is always going to be that doubt, could they do better with another choice.

For people who are prone to complicating rather than simplifying, too much of possibilities is never a good thing.
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In addition to the old DEVO-lution "freedom of choice VS freedom from choice" dilemma, I also want to add that the choices presented to you are a way of controlling you. That's why I dislike the educational system moving towards mutliple-choice tests. It's debilitating.

And as much as I love piano, I'd always think that strings are closer to the truth than any keyboard-based instruments.