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Discussion in 'Art, Entertainment, and Media' started by Breeze, Jun 17, 2012.

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    Jun 17, 2012
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    Hey all,

    When it comes to music I have some odd tastes compared to most people (especially around my age group). Especially in recent years I've moved away from what most people have even heard of in terms of genre and I generally find it's rare that I share the same taste as anyone so I hoping to either find someone here who has the same taste as me as well as introduce a lot of you guys to some alternative music that you may never have heard of.

    One of the genres that I've slightly been getting into recently is post rock. Now I could give an explanation to this but it's much easier to just give you guys an example. (I'm sure all of you guys know how to rock a wiki). So my example for this genre that I don't know incredible amounts of is "Exploding the Pretty Little Love Bomb" by DJ Whitesmith.

    A second kind of music that I like is (again) rather odd. It's by an artist called Tyrezz. He delves into electro, techno, jazz, funk and more. The example I'll give you here is the preview mix of his new album "Odyssey". It's very good if you're looking for something different.


    The last lot of music I want to introduce at the moment to everyone here is but someone on Youtube by the name of Garoad. He's an amateur artist who takes some odd directions with his music and dips his toes into many varying genres, some things resulting better than others. But that's besides the point. Here I want to link you guys to a piece of music that I like to just put on in the evenings if I'm feeling particularly stressed out from a day of work or it's just a night where one simply just wants to mellow out. It's a short piece called "Artificial Reality".

    So guys tell me what do you think?

    Do you share the same taste in music as I or have I sent you running the other way?

    Or maybe I've introduced you into a whole new world of music you never knew about and you want to know more?

    If you have any suggestions you think I'll like or you just want to share please reply.

    (And sorry for the odd layout of this post. I could only post one video).
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