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After meeting online, how does your interaction irl compare?


Sep 5, 2009
After meeting someone online, how does your interaction irl compare?

In your experience, does the dynamic change or stay the same, when interacting with someone in person who you met online?
(And this can apply to friendships or relationships.)

Did length of time interacting online have a significant effect on how comfortable you felt interacting in person?
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most of the times it is completely different. both in good way or bad way.

someone can be very talkative and deep in the internet and then in real life has nothing much to say or can be very distant in the internet and be very present in real life.

if someone isn't the same person online as he is in real life, it is better to keep the online time short. But if it is easier to talk deeply online it can be helpful to talk a lot online to get to know eachother
I met QP. He's just as interesting and entertaining in RL as he is online. I'd prefer to interact with everyone on the forum in real life if time/space allowed such a thing.

My only worry was that QP might be an axe-wielding manic, and he wasn't. I was semi-disappointed by that.
I've never met any of those with whom I've established significant connections online. All of those who I have met that are capable of "reading" me at this point are not within convenient driving distance right now. I really would like to meet my closest friendships in person sometime soon, but finances don't permit this right now, unfortunately.

I'd fuckin' love to meet an XNFX who lives in southeastern Michigan somewhere right now. My financial situation right now prohibits travel outside of Oakland, Wayne, or Washtenaw county right now, unfortunately.

And yes, I am living with my parents atm. I'm not afraid to be honest with my current life situation.
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I've had one experience with this. We actually met briefly in person before interacting online. We spoke often online: 4-6 hours online per day for over a month. When we met in person, we entered a relationship (horrible mistake), and I found out that we don't interact anywhere near as well in person as we do online.

So, IRL, my experience is comparatively worse. Much worse.

I hope it isn't always that way, but I've learned to value a face-to-face conversation 20x more than an IM conversation.
Well after finally meeting Dove I can say there's no difference in the way we act online and irl. I think it's because we're both honest online. Some people create a persona, but not us.

Although I guess I'm a little more extroverted in my online behaviour.