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a melancholy sort


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Oct 7, 2009
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I was wondering to myself today, are INFJs prone to being a melancholy sort of people. I obviously don't mean that we are always melancholy, but instead that we may be more likely to fall into that sort of attitude.

Maybe it's just me, i've been very melancholy mood of late and have been trying to pull out of it, as it' not serving me very well.
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I dont know if its a type thing, but I often find myself in a melancholy mood.
well from what i've read from other members, we seem to be prone to spouts of depression, and melancholy could be called the attitude of depression.
Ohh you poor little dear! *hug*

I've been in a very solemn mood for quite a while the past month or so. But I've gotten much better this week. I think it's because I've been eating properly, sleeping, not stressing as much, and being more "external" than "internal" in the psychological sense. When I get in my head too much, I do tend to get mellow and a bit sad.

A lot of it lately has been stemming from the disparity I feel between myself and the real world. I've literally felt like I belong in a fairy tale...
seems to be the case for me... i kind of think that is more of an INFJ tendency than some other types...maybe b/c of our idealism/ idk because some or a lot of my melancholy states seem to be for no particular reason at all.
and not trying to be a nag or OCD or anything, but it's bugging me. your were should be we're. :p just saying :p
I'm definitely a very melancholy person, very dark and brooding.
I'm definitely a very melancholy person, very dark and brooding.

I love brooders...heee, but I especially like brooders who know when to put on their sunshine hats. (In other words, optimistic brooders!)

....wait, may be that only pertains to me lol! I am such a paradox