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Fully Vaccinated are rapidly developing Acquired Immunodeficiency SyndromeHealth and WellnessOct 31, 2021
Coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccination and the magnetic phenomenon could be explained by Graphene OxideHealth and WellnessJun 29, 2021
I think you should better watch this little video before you even think about getting "the shot"Health and WellnessMay 23, 2021
Asthma "steroid" nebulizer (containing "Budesonide") eradicates COVID-19?Health and WellnessJul 20, 2020
Simple tips how to prevent CoronavirusHealth and WellnessJun 2, 2020
Google seems to be trying to overthrow the U.S.A. (Vorhies - Google black list)News and PoliticsAug 19, 2019
2019: Amazon starts burning books again, first time since 1933Art, Entertainment, and MediaMar 26, 2019
Did anyone ever stumble across a complete plan to save the world?News and PoliticsDec 23, 2018
Why going vegan MIGHT be a bad idea, at least in the long runHealth and WellnessSep 4, 2018
Hemp Plastic is the SOLUTION for the plastic problem!!!News and PoliticsAug 16, 2018
Classical music 2.0 - 432 Hertz AND natural tuning, is this the dawn of a new golden age of music?The INFJ TypologyFeb 28, 2017
Classical music 2.0 - 432 Hertz AND natural tuning, is this the dawn of a new golden age of music?Art, Entertainment, and MediaFeb 27, 2017
Much better sleep and health by simply raising your bed by 5 degrees!Health and WellnessFeb 8, 2017
Revolutionary gardening method - free movie "Back to Eden"...Science and TechnologyFeb 8, 2017
The marketing of evil, by David KupelianNews and PoliticsJan 9, 2016
Apostasy...News and PoliticsNov 14, 2015
Offtopic - I would like to forward a possibly important information to the Amish....Relationships and SociologySep 5, 2015
it is highly likely that there is no ETERNAL hell...Philosophy and ReligionJul 26, 2015
36 year old male INFJ from Austria, Tirol, Innsbruck region here...INFJs Events and Meet-upsMay 15, 2015
Good health tips for my fellow INFJsHealth and WellnessMay 13, 2015
Very important health tips for my fellow INFJs :-)Health and WellnessMay 12, 2015