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a question to the intjs on here?The INFJ TypologyMar 24, 2019
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infjs make the best....?The INFJ TypologyMar 3, 2019
is the hindu god krishna the ultimate....?The INFJ TypologyMar 1, 2019
infjs,intjs and ego deathThe INFJ TypologySep 25, 2018
thoughts on ego death?The INFJ TypologyJul 12, 2018
infjs and hypnosis?The INFJ TypologyJun 9, 2018
two questions for you infjs?The INFJ TypologyApr 3, 2018
how are infjs intuitive?The INFJ TypologyDec 25, 2017
infjs and altered states of consciousnessThe INFJ TypologyDec 22, 2017
how do infjs experience emotion?The INFJ TypologyDec 20, 2017
how do infjs see the world?The INFJ TypologyDec 20, 2017
infjs ni and ti?The INFJ TypologyDec 17, 2017
infj philosophers?The INFJ TypologyDec 12, 2017
the ni ti loop?The INFJ TypologyNov 29, 2017
hey has anyone here read dairo nardi neuroscience of personality?Psychology and MBTINov 27, 2017
infj vs intj?Psychology and MBTINov 20, 2017
infj's have you ever fainted?The INFJ TypologySep 9, 2017
infj spiritual experinces?The INFJ TypologySep 6, 2017
could you guys please help me type this person?The INFJ TypologySep 3, 2017
have you guys ever hadbouts of crazyness?The INFJ TypologyAug 29, 2017
infjs dont share all there insights?The INFJ TypologyAug 29, 2017
infj the ni and ti loop?The INFJ TypologyMay 11, 2017
how can i get into the mindset of introverted intuitionThe INFJ TypologyOct 18, 2016
Surprized By The InfjPsychology and MBTIAug 10, 2016
Infjs Fe And Ni Combination.The INFJ TypologyAug 10, 2016
How Doesni And Fe Work When Reading People?Psychology and MBTIJul 26, 2016
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infj's and spiritual experincesPsychology and MBTIJul 5, 2016
what the hell is introverted intuitionPsychology and MBTIJul 1, 2016
infj and reading peoplePsychology and MBTIJun 25, 2016
lets sterotype the ''main guy'' on moviesPsychology and MBTIJun 22, 2016
if god were an mbti type which one would he be?Psychology and MBTIJun 21, 2016
infjs and influencing people or manipulationPsychology and MBTIJun 19, 2016
guys take this quick right brain left brain testPsychology and MBTIJun 19, 2016
infjs have this magical quality to themPsychology and MBTIJun 14, 2016
extroverted feeling a very mystical function?Psychology and MBTIJun 8, 2016
who would be more socially adept?Psychology and MBTIJun 8, 2016
difference between infj and intj?Psychology and MBTIMay 31, 2016
introverted intuitions' intuitiveness...?Psychology and MBTIMar 5, 2016
infjs how contemplative are you?Psychology and MBTIFeb 26, 2016
pleaase take this testPsychology and MBTISep 20, 2015
is this true about introverted intuition?Psychology and MBTIAug 31, 2015
i think i have discovered exactly how ni(introverted intuition) worksPsychology and MBTIFeb 5, 2015
can someone please help me understand what ni(introverted intuition) is?Psychology and MBTIFeb 4, 2015