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Does it mean that she wants to be like someone who doesn't have any social media or no?The LoungeMar 15, 2020
Do you think she found out it was meThe LoungeFeb 9, 2020
this may not mean anything.The LoungeSep 10, 2019
I’m dumb for thinking this song is because of me.Art, Entertainment, and MediaMay 17, 2019
do You guys think I’m dumb to think this was because of me?The LoungeApr 25, 2019
Do you guys think I creep her out?Relationships and SociologyApr 19, 2019
When a girl did this?Relationships and SociologyApr 21, 2017
You guys think this doesn't mean anything?Relationships and SociologyApr 18, 2017
Do you guys know what this means?Relationships and SociologyApr 16, 2017