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Do you find most people to be emotionally superficial?Relationships and SociologyApr 9, 2020
Will most people OWN their homes in the near future?Relationships and SociologySep 12, 2019
Is it an INFJ trait to speak less and observe more as you get older?Relationships and SociologyJul 27, 2019
Do many people hate the INFJ ability to read others and dig up hidden motivations?Relationships and SociologyMay 7, 2019
The older I get, the less I need friendsRelationships and SociologyFeb 8, 2019
I fear that I come across as too intenseRelationships and SociologyDec 15, 2018
Disliking long vacationsRelationships and SociologyAug 22, 2018
CanĀ“t stay in one place for more than a month or twoHistory, Travel, and CultureAug 19, 2018
Can you have one or two friends for life?Relationships and SociologyAug 17, 2018
Are your relatives the most likely to be jealous of you?Relationships and SociologyAug 2, 2018
Relationship for 1.5 years: too soon for marriage?Relationships and SociologyAug 1, 2018
Never settling down in one place for longRelationships and SociologyAug 1, 2018
Finances: Do you and your spouse/significant other maintain separate bank accounts?Relationships and SociologyJul 27, 2018
X number of people killed, INCLUDING X number of childrenRelationships and SociologyJul 25, 2018
Do most other types tend to avoid difficult emotions and sweep things under the rug?Psychology and MBTIJul 24, 2018
How do I (INFJ) motivate my INFP boyfriend?Relationships and SociologyJul 3, 2018
INFP boyfriend (philosopher) does not believe in the subconscious or in intuitionPhilosophy and ReligionJun 30, 2018
All the jobs I have gotten were through men!Education and CareersApr 20, 2018
Should you spank kids?Relationships and SociologyOct 19, 2017
T or F: The more you focus on your own life, the more the opposite sex loves you.Relationships and SociologyOct 16, 2017
Second parent dies and luck is now on my sidePhilosophy and ReligionAug 9, 2017
I used to not get along with other women, but now I do!Relationships and SociologyMar 5, 2017
Supplement making me less talkativeRelationships and SociologyJan 25, 2017
Why do some people tolerate infidelity?Relationships and SociologyDec 7, 2016
Great connection but no physical attractionRelationships and SociologyDec 4, 2016
Only children: how do you/will cope with parents getting older/ill?Relationships and SociologyDec 3, 2016
Strong xxxPs drive me nuts sometimesPsychology and MBTIDec 1, 2016
Article says millenials more conservative than previous generationRelationships and SociologyNov 22, 2016
If you want something very much, you do not get it (like Hilary Clinton)Relationships and SociologyNov 9, 2016
How do you deal with fake people?Relationships and SociologyOct 31, 2016
What type of person is liked by everyone?Relationships and SociologyOct 27, 2016
Why is he still so nervous around me?Relationships and SociologyOct 24, 2016
Being a debbie downer?Psychology and MBTISep 1, 2016
Gay Men Dislike Me (and I Am A Straight Woman)Relationships and SociologyAug 15, 2016
Infj, Enneagram 4 W 3 WingThe INFJ TypologyAug 4, 2016
Waking Up As A Different PersonPsychology and MBTIAug 4, 2016
Irritated By People Who Waste My TimeRelationships and SociologyAug 4, 2016
Why Do Women Compete For Men?Relationships and SociologyJul 19, 2016
How Do Infjs View Time?Psychology and MBTIJul 18, 2016
Not liking her posts on fb but reading all of them?Relationships and SociologyJul 15, 2016
Not trusting kind gestures and people: sign of infj personality?Relationships and SociologyJul 13, 2016
Daily schedules and INFJsEducation and CareersJul 6, 2016
Gingko BilobaHealth and WellnessJun 20, 2016
Brazilian waxesMature TopicsJun 16, 2016
INTJ guys are greatPsychology and MBTIJun 15, 2016
The games men playRelationships and SociologyJun 14, 2016
What did you learned from each failed relationship?Relationships and SociologyJun 11, 2016
Searching for love outside yourselfRelationships and SociologyJun 10, 2016
Do we outgrow certain people?Relationships and SociologyJun 6, 2016
The transgender people in restrooms debateRelationships and SociologyJun 1, 2016
Are we cynical?Relationships and SociologyMay 22, 2016
You've got to be a bitch to succeed in life!Relationships and SociologyMay 18, 2016
Replacing one addiction with anotherPsychology and MBTIMay 11, 2016
I no longer find romantic movies appealingRelationships and SociologyMay 9, 2016
Do INFJs become less idealistic as they age?The INFJ TypologyMay 6, 2016
Do SSRIs make us more confident?Relationships and SociologyMar 9, 2016
Overcoming codependencyRelationships and SociologyFeb 28, 2016
Tylenol to heal heartbreakRelationships and SociologyFeb 15, 2016
Why do I become obsessed with one person for a while?Relationships and SociologyFeb 11, 2016
Sensitive to the slightest rejectionPsychology and MBTIFeb 2, 2016
Can a man be passive in most areas of life but dominant in the bedroom?Relationships and SociologyDec 7, 2015
Great week with INFP he won't communicateRelationships and SociologyNov 23, 2015
Are you mostly dominant or submissive in bed?Relationships and SociologySep 10, 2015
Ladies: even made men the center of your world? How did you overcome it?Relationships and SociologySep 8, 2015
No longer attracted to older men at allRelationships and SociologySep 7, 2015
Law of Attraction and no longer desiring somethingPhilosophy and ReligionAug 7, 2015
Emotional awakening and relationshipsRelationships and SociologyJun 29, 2015
As an INFJ, would you say that intuition is your strongest point?Psychology and MBTIJun 19, 2015
I was vulnerable with him and he claimes I am putting pressureRelationships and SociologyJun 16, 2015
Male pattern in liking Facebook posts and SkypingRelationships and SociologyMay 29, 2015
Why do exes pop up when you start a new relationship?Relationships and SociologyMar 8, 2015
Looking for members living in Greece, UK, or American northeastINFJs Events and Meet-upsMar 1, 2015
Can men subconsciously feel that a woman as had sex recently?Relationships and SociologyFeb 14, 2015
So I have to be aloof and play hard to get it seems....Relationships and SociologyJan 31, 2015
First month dating ISTJ guy = minimal communicationRelationships and SociologyJan 11, 2015
Going from dating older men to dating younger menRelationships and SociologyDec 21, 2014
Sedative herbs make me more attractive?Relationships and SociologyDec 4, 2014
Slow movements = seductive or calming?Psychology and MBTINov 16, 2014
He's not making enough effort = telling him it's overRelationships and SociologyOct 28, 2014
Can you evolve into an INFJ?Psychology and MBTIOct 23, 2014
Why is intuition not prized in academia?Psychology and MBTIOct 17, 2014
What would cause a 50 year old woman to be obsessed with sex?Relationships and SociologyJul 18, 2014
Were you ever increadibly sexually attracted to someone you hated?Relationships and SociologyJul 17, 2014
At what age did you start to trust your intuition and yourself?Philosophy and ReligionJul 16, 2014
How has the death of a parent affected your relationships?Relationships and SociologyJun 25, 2014
Are most men cheaters? And experimentRelationships and SociologyJun 3, 2014
Only feel good when I give love to othersRelationships and SociologyMay 31, 2014
Texting/e-mailing with boyfriend or love interestRelationships and SociologyMay 26, 2014
Suddenly a nurturing typeRelationships and SociologyMay 24, 2014
Emotional needs of female INTJs in marriages/ relationshipsRelationships and SociologyMay 20, 2014