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Dec 30, 2008
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Jun 25, 1993 (Age: 26)

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Fairly Tragic, 26

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Dec 12, 2019 at 9:50 PM
    1. niffer
      Actually, I can kind of relate to your feeling of not being taken seriously when bringing up serious topics that are close to the heart, due to me not acting in a serious way the rest of the time. It's disappointing but people think it's okay because they figure you're normally okay with joking around... maybe you have to make more indication of it being a serious/emotional in the OP. My first reaction to your thread was a serious and heartfelt one, but after reading the next couple posts I guess I decided to jump on the airheaded bandwagon. I sincerely hope you can get the opportunity to safely bring it or similar issues up again and generate serious discussion. I'm glad you talked about this with me, and I'm really sorry.
    2. niffer
      i'm extremely offended by how easily offended you are and how quick you are to lash out with hurtful and derogatory language when i'm clearly not trying to do any harm to you. if i made u sad/angry then sorry.
    3. niffer
    4. Nixie
      Ah but your spirit is lovely and that decisive nature such a charming part of your personality. It is just good to remember that people who are inflexible get broken more easily. It doesn't mean you change how you see the world, just how you react to it. I think you are great Slant. Not bad for a king. :)
    5. Nixie
      I am a bit confused. What is new. The only rep you gave me was the on the What the Hell thread and that intial post was about What the hell, where is....and I named a bunch of people.

      I understand your frustration. I know you have a reputation as being a bit of a joker. However, I could certainly tell you were serious on your Pelvic Exam thread. I just don't generally get worked up on thinking that other's should conform to what I think is right. I wouldn't have asked the thread to be closed, but I liked what you said in the thread about your intention and disappointment with the jokes. It is all well and fine to decide that you think something is right and wrong IMO. You just have to learn some flexibility in seeing other people as human and fallible and allow them to make ammends once you let them know something is bothering you and/or upset you. You have a very black and white nature to your spirit.
    6. manatee
      sure, i respect that, although i think the argument that a joke is inappropriate in its original context due to it being quite obviously inappropriate in a completely different scenario is fallacious. i very rarely approach anything seriously though, which might be why i've a hard time relating to your viewpoint (my first thought was to reply "c'mon, it's kinda funny"... :P)

      my main point though was that everyone commenting on your thread was on your side (sorta unfounded assumption, i know) and their only options were jokes or generic statements of disapproval, and although the comments may arguably be interpreted as offensive they weren't intended as such. since the purpose of communication is to convey one's thoughts it would be counter-productive to overlook the real intentions behind words, even if they, at face-value, seem to imply something different entirely. i'm fully aware that this doesn't invalidate your emotional reaction to them or anything, i'm just sayin' :P
    7. subwayrider
      Hehe, you can do whatever you want with your messages. I meant not to delete what you posted on my wall
    8. subwayrider
      P.S. Don't delete my visitor messages.
    9. subwayrider
      Heh, it's no bother. I understand where you're coming from, and I think you are someone who has a lot to say. I've been trying to talk to you, from time to time, as a result, but you don't seem very interested. :P

      I haven't seen much serious talk around these parts lately, though. I suppose I feel a little disappointed in that respect, too, but I am a part of the problem. It's certainly still up to me if I want to be silly or serious, but I'll try to think more about people's feelings in threads like those.
      Friends? :D
    10. subwayrider
      I thought you were joking, I'm sorry.
      It's nothing personal, I just have trouble taking anything very seriously. As you can see, I've taken the smilie off because I've now read your last post on the thread.
    11. Edith
      Calling me an asshole is really unnecessary.
    12. subwayrider
      Yo. How you been?
    13. Kgal
      "...just go off on people that may or may not have the best intentions...." You are right of course. I do realize words have power and what I said were powerfully hurtful. The thing is - I, and others, have tried the other way with him and it has been ineffective. At that moment I felt like there was a bully in the school yard and I was protecting my friends. I had had enough. The forum has had enough. Just like you said, there is/was a negative attitude energy surging. ...I'm sorry it came to that, though..... I do appreciate you telling me what you see and I welcome your observations any time, Slant.
    14. Yuki
    15. Kgal
      You really think so? I admit I have had second thoughts since I said that to him. But he has had agenda against us ever since he came here. I'm tired....really tired of it all. Tell me more of what you're thinking.
    16. invisible
      they're not thin at all. they're huge. most men have thinner lips than that.
    17. etselec
      I've been found out! :m056:
    18. subwayrider
    19. kucala
      I actually don't like coffee. D: It's too bitter for my tastes, even with milk and sugar. I like iced capps though, does that count?
    20. kucala
      An energy drink, actually. xD
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    Jun 25, 1993 (Age: 26)
    Second best song in the world: cookie girl song.


    Oooh you're a cookie girl,
    Yes I'm a cookie girl.
    How long, you been a cookie girl?
    I don't know about three or four year-ee-ee-ers.
    What does your dad do?
    He's a psychologist.
    What made you go into the field of making cookies?
    I don't know,
    I guess I just always,
    liked cookies.

    Bake me a cookie girl,
    Here you is your cookie boy.
    What kind of cookie is it?
    Well that one's chocolate chunk.
    Do you mean chocolate chip?
    No I mean chocolate chunk, na na na.
    What's the difference?
    What's the difference?
    Well one has chocolate chunks.
    Well one has chocolate chunks.
    Well one has chocolate chunks.
    Well one has chocolate chunks.
    Well one has chocolate chunks.



    And she was gone​
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