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Feb 13, 1967 (Age: 56)
Psychiatric nurse

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    Feb 13, 1967 (Age: 56)
    Psychiatric nurse
    I am a hard working father of Two. My daughter is 18 in college and my son lives with me. I am a acute inpatient Psychiatric RN. I love the outdoors year round. I like outdoor activities. Nature is very healing to me. I am a dedicated partner. I enjoy romancing and lots of affection. I am very outgoing and assertive. I am very compassionate and passionate person. I enjoy helping people. It is my life's purpose. I need to keep this one in balance. Sometimes too much help is actually damaging to people.

    With that, I need healthy people in my life so I don't feel like I am at work 24/7. I can't stand smoking. I try to stay active, eat well, and practice what I preach as a nurse. Any potential mate must be independent, work, and be emotionally stable. I try to live by the Socratic motto of "Know thyself" I hope my mate will feel the same.
    In descending order, which 6 things could you never do without?:
    Inner sight
    Alone time
    What would be your epitaph?:
    Life has many events that bring us pain, sadness, tragedy, and anger. These feelings are unavoidable and needed. They are part of our experience as humans. The low emotions and events provide us contrast in which to appreciate the pleasure, joy, beauty, and love we experience now.

    All of these emotions are important.

    They are all needed.

    The struggles I deal with today will allow me to deeply appreciate the pleasure, joy, beauty, and love I have around me now. My suffering gives me the gift of deeper gratitude. Nothing is taken for granted. Life is a gift we have been given. It is up to us to use that gift wisely.

    Today I am grateful for new friends, my mind, my pain, my anger, my sorrow, and my family. Without all of these I would not be me.

    I have a been given so much. I am very fortunate. What I give of myself to others is just a small fraction of the wonder and joy I receive.

    My cup is running over.

    The universe in all its wonder has spoken to me today.

    I have listened.

    I understand that my biggest gift is to live in the present, have forgiveness in my heart, compassion for others, and to truly see the beauty all around me.

    I am so lucky to be me.

    As I breath, I feel my peace. I feel the vibrations of goodness around me. I am in tune with the frequency now. There is no urgency. I feel the love and can share my love without fear.

    I am...
    I am an a mature healthy ENTP. I have very powerful drive, passion, and lots of energy. I am very balanced and accomplished human being. I am a very deep thinker in the deep end of the pool. I talk in metaphor all the time. I am a writer as one of my hobbies. I see systems and the relationships between all things. My intuition is very powerful. Enough so, that it scares myself and many people. I am used to this.

    Philosophy, writing, figuring things out, constant learner, information sponge, memory of an elephant, all things in nature, archery, self reliance, self awareness, synchronicity, power of myth, spirituality, wisdom, ethics, justice.


    Nursing and mental health issues.