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    1. lillyith
      From what I can tell most people feel a connection to *something* it's just there's nothing universal that really ties humans together. Some people feel close to people, some to animals, some to the ocean and nature. What I've noticed is that people think that if people don't share their way of connecting to the wrong, but this is just my experience as loner and a vegetarian.

      It's odd, since I've embraced my atheism I've found that I feel a lot more connected to the world around me. I've rejected the idea that humans are higher than other animals/nature for a long time, but I stopped seeing humanity as something special and just another way of existing. I've been reading more existentialist works too and have come to reject nihilism because I think realizing that your life doesn't have any divine origin and thinking that this makes life meaningless is immature.

      Ok this is kind of rambly haha but basically I've had a lot of time to think and I'm trying to express my ideas in words and it's somewhat difficult for me.
    2. say what
      say what
      How's life treating you? Great to see you've begun your journey!!
    3. lillyith
      Sorry I haven't been on much I've been busy with finals. I'll write a better response as soon as I have some sleep and time to write one.
    4. lillyith
      See it's all about how you phrase it :P

      I'm getting out of my shell a little bit, but I'm very shy and private offline. I try to work towards things I think will benefit humanity (my motivation for studying science), but I still hold back a lot because of fear that others will think I'm strange.

      Meeting more spiritual atheists would be wonderful. So far the only other atheists I've met have all been of the more rigid, scientific variety. This is fine, but I'd like to have a conversation about the beauty of the universe with someone without it turning into a lecture from them on religion or science. It's a weird in-between with religious folk thinking I'm strange because of my lack of faith and scientific atheists thinking I'm strange because my more spiritual views.
    5. lillyith
      I wasn't meaning to flatter at all, just telling the truth as I see it.

      Anyways, I read your posts and I agree with a good 90% or so with it (I'm an atheist myself). I don't see how you'd find too much issue finding people who share your viewpoint, but then again I don't generally share my viewpoints with others and keep my thoughts to myself.
    6. Cornerstone
      That's cool man. At no point was I trying to knock your character, just the delivery of your message.
      At some point though, it may benefit you to take those who knock you in your stride. You will exhaust yourself battling each person. It's unsustainable.
      Even if what you understand to be the truth is the highest potential of humanity, who is to say there isn't value in being everything but the pinacle of potential?
      Those who attack you may not be ready for what you are saying and I know it is important to know when what you're saying is falling on deaf ears (or worse).
    7. Matt3737
      It's quite alright. I don't harbor any ill will towards you, but I cannot agree with much of what you say although I will say that I think you have a good starting point to develop upon.

      Remember though that patience is a virtue. No matter how right and/or correct you may be, some people will not be ready or may never accept what you offer them.
    8. Cornerstone
      I won't ask how you got those reviews but they don't mean much to me on their own.
      You don't come across that way at all to me - especially when arguing with people.
      This 'defence' argument doesn't justify the kind of vitriol in your posts and messages.
      If you didn't need to get the last word, I don't believe many people would have hounded you.

      Your ideology isn't my cup of tea, but I do remember having a stepping-stone between ardent materialism and metaphysical spirituality.
      Carl Sagan was a big inspiration during that time and it is by no means a bad place to be. Even if one goes beyond your parameters, in order to make good on anything that comes from that, they'll have to do it in the here and now so for sure it is a piece of the puzzle.
    9. lillyith
      The only thing I can see about that is you're exceptionally honest about who you are, and with someone as different as you who struggles even finding friends to talk about your interests with interpersonal relationships must be difficult. Oh well, I'm not going to lie and say I'm in the exact same situation as you, but I haven't dated anyone for years and years because of similar reasons (I can't find anyone I relate to/most people belittle my interests and it's frustrating and hurtful to have people blow off my thoughts). I've given up on dating and I devote my time to learning and cultivating my knowledge in areas that interest me. I figure one day it will be worth it when I reach my goals, or maybe I won't reach my goals but whatever I'll still try to do what I think is right in the world.

      For what it's worth I haven't seen anything in you besides being an independent thinker that would really mark you as an iconoclast (I'll go look it up and read more after this). If anything your mindset of looking past what is directly in front of you is honorable.
    10. lillyith
      How did you calculate your odds for staying alone? I'll need to see a mathematical proof or else I'm removing your INTJ credibility :P
    11. Mechanist
      In response to your pathetic attempt to present a case for your fanatical anti-beliefs, I've decided to write an entire blog post refuting your fallacious egoistic ideas one by one. Here is said blog entry if you feel up to reading it and having your ever-so-fragile preconceived ideas torn apart. Owned, bitch.
    12. Mechanist
      After all that giggling and ass slapping, I expected you to bring your A game. Come on, boy! Bring it!
    13. Mechanist
      Quit giggling and check again, dumbass.
    14. Mechanist
      Yes, your concluding internet tough guy remark does attest to the fact that great spirits do indeed encounter violent opposition from mediocre minds. You've done a fantastic job exemplifying such a mediocre mind. Anyway, I'm waiting for you in that lame thread of yours. Bring it, biatch boy.
    15. Mechanist
      Alright, kid. My last posts were just warning shots. Don't f*** around and figure out you can't put your money where your mouth is.
    16. say what
    17. Mechanist
      It appears that the misguided passion is on your end, considering that you keep throwing snarl words in my direction without any actual substantial argument to support them. Yes, Nietzsche's madman in Zarathustra did utter the words "God is dead," as a commentary on the increasing secularization of Europe. Like most simpletons, you misconstrue the implications of said declaration. He indeed posited that in the wake of God's metaphorical "death," conventional morality is superfluous and secular humanism (the moral system that most modern atheists subscribe to) is but a hollow shell. Let me invoke another atheist who at least has the balls to be honest about such, Alexander Rosenberg, who openly admitted that, if the claims of atheism are true, the only incentive left to adhere to conventional morality is if doing so makes you feel better than not doing so. This too is a flawed, dangerous axiom in practice, supposing that for some (psychopaths, for example), adhering to traditional ideas of decency that all sane individuals accept does not lead to feeling better. This is an empty hedonism that cannot provide a foundation for a healthy society. What you call "thousands of years of religious propaganda" is what a right-headed individual might instead deem ethical and philosophical integrity, which Christianity has sustained. What has atheism accomplished in ethics? Well, a cursory glance at atheist societies such as Russia's leadership under Stalin ought to inform you of such...
    18. Mechanist
      Once again you've demonstrated the narcissism characteristic of a juvenile acne-ridden atheist with internet access. It appears that it, in fact, is you who is indoctrinated, considering how insipid and trite your arguments for belief in nothing are, demonstrating the typical reactionary anti-religious fervor of a frustrated virgin such as yourself. If you base your entire worldview on atheism, you leave no foundation for legitimate values or anything that might allow you to get on in life with satisfaction, dignity and a sense of meaning. In fact, it was one of your own, Nietzsche, who demonstrated this fact so astutely in tearing to shreds the secular humanism that you apparently hold so dear. Without a power greater than ourselves defining the laws of the universe and existence, morality as we know it is superfluous and we are left with a nihilism that can only engender resignation and dull apathy. Frankly, I believe that generations to come deserve much better.
    19. Mechanist
      Do I find you to be a reprehensible little bitch simply because you're an atheist? No; I find you to be a cocksure little f***wad because your rebuttals teem with the arrogance of a typical pubescent anti-religious punk. If I were an atheist, I would do everything within my power to disassociate myself from presumptuous little twats such as yourself. Show me on the doll where the bad Christian touched you. Debunk my beliefs? I'm sure that yours could be debunked easily considering that you unquestioningly lifted them from Richard Dawkins and other militant quacks. Feel free to reply letting me know how sore your anus is as a result of my comments. Your tears are delicious.
    20. Mechanist
      Posting a conversation on my profile simply because I disagreed with your post? Blindly assuming that atheism was the sole motivating factor? If so, that demonstrates how excessively narrow your mind and thought processes are.
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