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May 21, 2018
    1. NeverAmI
      This is how it is for me:

      Me: Sleeeeeeepppppyyyyy....
      Brain: Zzzzzzzz
      Me: ZzzzzZzzzzzz
      Brain: ZZzzzzzZzzzz
      Me: *drools*
    2. NeverAmI
      I better tattoo that on my arm, LOL. How the hell can you run on so little sleep???

      Part of me wants to scold/help you because it has to be horrible for your health. Another part of me wants to dissect you to figure out how the hell you are able to accomplish such a feat!

      I have read about polyphasic sleep and I actually had given serious thought to trying it but I have yet to do so. The transition between regular routine and that would not make me a very nice person to be around in the meantime, lol.
    3. NeverAmI
      My apologies, let me prepare for you a feast tonight! As long as you don't bite me, that is...
    4. NeverAmI
      WOW! How do you function??? Are you even conscious??

      I got about 6 hours of sleep and I feel like it. Still quite functional, if not the most tactful.
    5. NeverAmI
      Sleep well?
    6. NeverAmI
      Wow! What do you think has you so on edge, just stress?
    7. NeverAmI
      Really?? Do you have nightmares?

      :hug: Feel better, I am glad you got some sleep.
    8. NeverAmI
      Yes! Did you???
    9. Puck
      Aww. It's only natural to worry about such a big change. I'm excited for you too. You're going to have the time of your life, i'm sure of it. *hugs*
    10. Puck
      My tea was one to send me to sleep, with a mixture of herbs. I love chai. :) What are you anxious about? Is it anything specific? *hug*
    11. Puck
      Hey my friend :) I'm doing alright. Work was okay, today. Now I'm unwinding with a cup of tea and my favourite forum. How about you? How did your test go? How are you feeling about things generally?
    12. NeverAmI
      No, it was total randomness that I found on the internet but I LOVE IT! I was cracking up for like 15 minutes.
    13. Roger
      Thank you for rep. points. :smile:
    14. Puck
      Good luck with the humanities test, hun. You can do it! (Or maybe you already have?) :)

      Yes, I did find some books! I had a lovely time browsing, and found some brand new books at very reasonable prices, including 'Legend' by David Gemmel, 'Mythago Wood' by Robert Holdstock, and one I was really happy to find: 'Like Water for Chocolate' by Laura Esquivel, which is only the latest in a series of wonderful synchronicities in my life, as it had been mentioned to me only a short while beforehand. :)
    15. Blind Bandit
      Blind Bandit
      As much as I hope they will. I know it won't happen. Life isn't that good or fair.
    16. Blind Bandit
      Blind Bandit
      No problem. I can always use more friends. Damn Real life and all the people who don't get
    17. Puck
      That's really good news, about your new roommate. I'm very happy for you. :) Thanks for the sweet image of putting each bee to sleep. I smiled at that. Well the weekend has arrived. I have no major plans, apart from the intention to walk somewhere that has a lot of 2nd hand bookshops, and spend some hours browsing and hopefully finding something good to read. How about you, dear?
    18. Puck
      Hey :) So nice to hear from you. I haven't forgotten you, I pwomise. I feel like I have a head full of sleepy bees at the moment. Desperately looking forward to the weekend so I can catch up on some zzz's. How are you, my most excellent elf-friend?
    19. Puck
    20. NeverAmI
      I hope it all works out how you plan. So are you going to have to work a significant job during college to pay for your place or is it part of your financing?
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