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  • Thanks for the compliments *^^* it's just white paint painted at different thicknesses. Are you Flemish or .. err.. how do you say "Wallon" in English? I have no idea. More likely to be Flemish if you speak English, hehe. I actually live in Lille so I'm really close!

    I'm lucky enough to know several INFJs in real life, although not all of them have taken the test/they've taken the test only once and I'm not sure they are INFJs, but possible. My brother actually tested as an INFJ, but he is quite a lot older and SO introverted than I wouldn't have guessed it, I hardly know him (he didn't really go into his result either, not even sure he read it properly). He is extremely secretive - jokes a lot not to answer questions people ask him. Besides he's been living in Japan since I was about 13 or so...
    Hey, were are you from exactly?

    There was a French guy who came for a very short while at the very beginnin but that was about it... It's true there aren't that many Europeans here. I wonder if MBTI is better known in North America/Australia? After all Myers and Briggs were American I think...

    I find it a bit frustrating to be honest :p I wish we could see more Europeans. Actually, having Asian INFJs would be cool too.
    Well, I'm glad you liked the flowers and that you seem to be enjoying it here so far. This is one of my favorite (if not favorite) places on the internet. It's nice to have somewhere to go where it's not so strange to think our INFJ way. :D
    Yeah I know that feeling. I live in an area that's a tourist destination so I just blend in with them. :)
    Hey Nela!! :m057: You're very welcome! LOL Don't worry about it at all. It took me SO long to figure out visitor messages (and even longer for pm's) when I first came here! :D Thank you so much for the avatar compliment! :D It was the only picture I could find that matched my username. :D How was your weekend?
    Thanks :) Yeah, that's my brother who's really into gymnastics at the moment.
    I took that a year back when I was just starting out in photography but now there's not really much inspiration for a good new photo. I still carry my camera around just in case though :)
    Have you posted any of your photos?
    Yeah, it took me a while to gain the courage to write songs and even sing infront of other people which I've only done once infront of strangers. I only sing my songs infront of friends and family because I'm still getting comfortable with performing. I've written a couple of things on piano too but, yeah, I think I need to work on those.

    I thought you might like the link :) I only just discovered it today and it seemed like a bit of fun. I thought the designs in there were really interesting. :)
    I taught myself piano and guitar. I'm a 5th grade violinist though I quit after that. I paint, write my own songs and yeah I do photography as well :) I'd be more visualy creative if I had the resources but unfortunately I don't do visual art classes or anything like that so what ever's around is my art :D
    (I take photography and digital media though)
    I also enjoy artistic magazines... so many uses.
    Welcome!!! :D
    What sort of creative things are you into???
    Just visual arts or do you like music and writing too??
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