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  • Random question (Because I like information): What variation of INFj do you think I am?
    Another question: Do you think that function attitudes are firmly in place, or do they oscillate?
    A question: Would you say that Jungs shadow is built out of the auxiliary and inferior function, generally speaking?
    Hi, I saw your posts in the INFJ Divide thread.. Seems you got quite bashed there. I dunno why! I thought it was great stuff. The communication seemed a little... strained... in that thread ~~

    I'm looking to clear up this godawful swamp of function theories in my head and I'm looking for things to read that might help me. I'm very open to different perspectives and ideas. Is reading through your posting history a good idea? Do you have any good sources?

    Interesting. Bah, this whole Fe thing is throwing me off and making me wary
    Yeah, I understand better now. I mean I always find that I want to help people and I want to win people's praise. Plus, I think I'm more of a global thinker. Apparently, you're 'mentor' said I'm an Infp.
    Nice observations though. Thanks. :)
    Lol, At my brother, I 'type' like an InFP?
    edit: hahahhha you are right.
    :) I am an ENFP.
    ahahhaha my bro is a dumbo.
    Thank you Adymus. I'll get it to you sometime soon. I do believe in the ability of people to "read" others, so to speak.
    tanks! and post lots of music in the thread if you get a chance. you have excellent taste. =)
    sorry. the visitor messaging is open now. thx for responding to my question.
    Hi, just a question - do you type based on posts alone or do you need voice and visuals as well?

    Do you have a sense of my type just based on posts?
    I saw a few of your posts on INTP forum. I saw your thread that pertains to this forum and INFJs, and I'd like to say that I enjoy your posts, threads, and thought even though I haven't actually posted in them.
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