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  1. What does being an INFJ...

    ..., the rarest personality type means to you?
    Think about it!

    How would you explain yourself to someone else?

    And why would would you explain it that way?

    We'd be very happy to hear your definition and the reason behind it.

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  1. InTRovErT34
    As for me I would describe myself as. "I am so standoffish. I rarely make the first move. Small talk suck at it .it displeases me no flow no meaning..a few phrases to break the ice maybe but a topic of interest is crucial along with elaboration. Meeting new people is painful . I am so off kilter of the mainstream .. I have no interest in the majority of topics . I don't watch TV , video games,not into material items sports , bars etc .. literally hard to jive with me want to talk about travels and cool places you been ..I'm got me ..Nature, preservation,of precious earth,hikeing anything outdoors, philosophical views.. learning skills, knowledge ,etymology world betterment ,art ,music,culture,then I am down. We could get along be friends.I am simple a minimalist I am disconnected from society it's a mad house.Im alot more free liveing this way.I keep to myself alot.Not that I wouldn't accept friends it's hard to find them .I've been a lone wolf for awhile now. I spend a lot of my time lost in my mind of possibility but I get out too I travel exploring the unknown I offer my help to people that really need it. I have been helping a disabled guy I met for 5 months now I have helped change his life around he lets me boondock it's great. And weird occurrence he's a INFJ to. I just see beauty wonder glory in the world it's life essence, I'm biocentric I'm equal to every liveing entity .I hate what's happening to the world and it's people ,politics government, police laws corruption.corporation commerce, so much control the average person is set to be in stasis never progressing but yeah .I digress I have a lot of big pictures for the betterment of humanity and preservation of the world. egalitarianism. We are 1 as many not this corporation of debt death deceit division.but yeah I went off on a easy to Well to end this story .. I am INFJ the world and it's people needs our voice ..strength..guidance..
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    1. InTRovErT34
      I just realized I posted to a old forum ooops..
  2. just me
    I was always different, shy, and secretive in school with few friends. etcetera textbooks were easily understood. Finding out I was infj, and what made some others tick, was far out. I wasn't weird!! (to myself)
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