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  1. “This is crazy. Seriously?”


    So what’s the plan? I mean, you say we can but I can’t see how it’s possible. Moving in that close is too dangerous without getting eaten. Right? ”

    “Wrong. We can do this.”

    “You’re insane you know that.”

    “Would you please stop that, I’ve done it before. You just need to be careful. Follow my lead.”

    “Wait! Now? I’m not ready yet.”

    “Do you think it cares whether you’re ready or not? I’m getting in closer before we lose the chance.”

    “You comin’?”

    “…ugggg! I guess I don’t have a choice.”


    “Here we are, genius. You gonna go up there and get it?”


    “…it’s not gonna wake up. It’s not gonna wake up. It’s not-“

    “Don’t worry, when it sits in front of the living box it doesn’t wake up easily.”

    “You sure?”

    “uh huh.”

    “What are you waiting for? I could do this myself, it’s right there. If it’s not gonna wake up let’s just grab the stuff and run.”

    “WAIT! Don’t be hasty.”

    “But it’s right there!”

    “Yeah but so is its paw.”

    “I ain’t gonna trip over its paw…man…I can’t believe you’d think I would trip over its paw.”

    “You’ve messed up pretty bad in the past. Remember that time when we were trying to get those Doritos?”

    “I don’t want to talk about it…”

    “Shhhh… you ready?”



    “Alright, follow me.”


    “Be quiet.”

    “Naturally. I’ve done this before too ya know.”

    “I don’t care. Just be quiet.”

    “For sure.”

    “Why does the bag have to be right next to its face? Why? What the hell are we doing?”

    “Be quiet and it won’t hear us.”

    “Bullshit. Have you ever rummaged through a bag of chips before? It makes a lot of noise. It’s gonna wake up!”

    “I said I’ve done this before. Just relax. Or do you want to go back?”

    “No…no…I can do this.”

    “Listen, you don’t need to rummage through the bag. There are plenty of chips spilling out of it. We’ll each grab one chip and run. Okay?”

    “Yeah, yeah. For sure.”

    “One chip?”

    “Think you can handle that?”

    “…yeah, I can.”

    “Good. Let’s do it.”

    “YEAH! Let’s do this!”

    “Steve, wait!”



    “It’s a shame we lost, Steve…”

    “Yeah… but these Fritos were worth it right?”

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