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Swamp Savior

  1. So far the darkness did reach that it covered the entire jungle. Amidst it were two glowing white eyes. So big were these eyes that they appeared as moons. After observing this the warrior swam back home through the lilies.

    To face the family will be the warrior’s first task. Then the beastly creature will be challenged. At the moment, though, the warrior stares into hundreds of pairs of eyes: the eyes of adolescent kin which need to be consoled.

    “I’m gonna be fine. Don’t worry about it. I literally do this all the time, and I literally always return. Just keep doin’ what your doin’ while I’m away. I’ll be back in a bit.” The warrior then gave each and every one hundred seventy five spawns a kiss and laid a new growth leaf over their sensitive gelatinous surfaces. “Just don’t get eaten while I’m away.”

    From there the warrior looked up into the star covered night sky and gave one mighty jump, powerful enough to allow one to ascend far above the jungle’s canopy. Alone in the sky, the warrior cherished the moments of being so close to the stars before needing to pursue less lovely things down below.

    The warrior observed the catastrophe from above: a thick ocean of black cloud surrounded green photosynthesizing fins swimming like giant botanical sharks atop the suffocating trees.

    Immediately the warrior let loose a mighty croak. The black cloud tore into dark wisps that shot in every direction away from the epicenter of the powerful croak. The warrior now floats on the whims of the wind.

    Within a sea of air the warriors webbed toes act as small gliders. The air bends at the mercy of the warrior’s hands and feet. Suddenly the warrior moves into the shape of a diver and shoots towards the canopy below. The two mooned-sized, glowing eyes of the misty monster begin to ready themselves for attack.

    As the warrior dove, the jungle approached like an emerald ocean. The black cloud eerily squirmed its way across the entirety of the sky. What was once a lovely heaven of glowing gaseous spheres is now a blanket of squirming black mist growing larger and thicker with each passing moment. Within this mass of smoke, miles above, the two moon-sized eyes look down with hungry anticipation.

    Suddenly the eyes of the black cloud shot towards the earth with such force that it caused the entire jungle to quake and crack. Free-falling, the warrior turned to face the iris’s furiously pushing through a heavenly sea of grim smog. The warrior waited patiently for the bulbous oculars to reach the right distance. Once the eyes became so close that they covered the entirety of the heavens the warrior released the mightiest croak to have ever been croaked.

    As if watching a ball of dry sand slowly dissolve in a pool of water so to was the image of the destruction of the horrible spheres, soon followed suit the rest of the nebulous vapor.

    The star lit sky, now free to share its light once more, illuminated the warrior’s path who now glides through the soft and cool night air back to the swamp below. Landing safely, the warrior visits the spawn to ensure them everything has gone well. Returning to the lily pad from which it came, the hero of the swamp spends the rest of the evening croaking with the local frogs.
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