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No more Kings

  1. Evening fell as a young man with green eyes and blond hair, wearing a travelers coat walks into a developed colonial town, the sun setting over his shoulders and ocean waves crashing on the distant side of the town.

    “One more city, one more riot and I go home, God I hate doing Jobs like these. Still, better than being a part of the hits, I’ll be dammed if I become their weapon. Now let’s see, how do we get this started? Smaller than the last town but it’s still the capital for the colony, three or four of taverns, two inns, all on separate sides of town. Everything circling the governor’s manor; shouldn’t be too hard to get them fighting, everyone’s up in arms over the northern colonies seeking independence from the kingdom. The only real question is how am I going to be on all these places at once? Guess I’ll just have to be quick.”

    The young man quickly makes his way into the town heading to the first Tavern he can find, and promptly being thrown back out as the fights break out and the night’s chaos start to unfold. Fights follow him as he moves from the taverns to the inns, from the Inns to the shops, and the colonial town roars awake with all its inhabitants fighting.

    As the fighting rages, the young with his blond hair disheveled and one of his green eyes ringed black makes his way to the center of the town to the governor’s manor to watch the conflict and to gather his thoughts.

    “There, Jobs done, guess I can get heading back, or not. The program has given me a lot of leash, if I run now it would take a day or two for them to figure out I’m gone, three or four more to have a team catch up with me and maybe a week for the hunters to actually contain me. Then another month or so in solitary yeah guess I’m going hom…” A sound like thunder crashes behind X as smoke roles out the back of the manor.

    What? Fire was not supposed to be a part of this, why the Hell did they light up the capital building? If anyone’s in there it’d be my fault.
    The young man bolts for the manor entrance, hoping the fence along the way and crashing through the front door, “Hey, Anybody in Here? Hello!” The young man calls out to into the smoke that was quickly filling the manor’s many rooms. Where is everyone, the governor’s family and staff should be here, no looters either, and the explosion came from the back what on earth is going here…. “HELP! Help me!” a feminine voice calls through the smoke. “Keep shouting and keep your head down, I’m making my way toward you” the young man called back to the girl. “Please hurry, it’s hard to breath” she called out.
    The Young man made his way through the smoke filled rooms finally coming to the girl trapped behind a wall of fire and fallen debris.
    No one ever makes it easy for me do they.

    “Are you there?” the girl called out again. “I’m here on the other side of the fire, hold still I’m coming through!” the young man replied. He caught a glimpse of the girl through the flames, as their eyes met she cried out to him “Help me!” The way she said it gave the young man a quick moment’s pause but his head quickly came back to the task at hand. The young man wrapped his coat over his head and dove through the flames crashing next to the girl on the other side.

    “OH!” exclaimed the girl, “Oh! Later let’s get out of this place before it burn down” X replied. “Through the fire? No there has to be another way I can’t go through that” she pleaded. X Looked down at her, pulled her to her feet, and handed her his coat. “Take this, cover your head and shoulder and close your eyes and this will be over in a moment.” “Wait I told you I can’t go throu... WAHH!” the girl wasn’t given the chance to finish, as soon as the coat was over her head the young man heaved her into his arms and dove back through the flames.

    “What the Hell!” shouted the girl as she picked herself up, “Hey you asked for my help, not the other way around!” The young man shouted back. The young man extended a hand as he got up; the girl pushed it away and pulled herself to her feet. “Who are you anyways?” asked the girl. “I’m Jack smith” Replied Jack. “Well thank you Mr. Smith I’m Amy, I’m one of the governor’s aid’s… The Governor! He’s still in here somewhere” Shouted Amy. “Where would he be?” asked Jack. “Last I saw him he was in his office on the other side of the manor” replied Amy. “That’s good, we can move away from this fire” I need her to stay close by, I don’t like this, none of it makes since, the fire is to contained, burning hot here but barley smoldering on the other side of the and no sign of workers outside of Amy and no looters getting to the goods. I don’t like this. “Alright Amy let’s go, and stick close, we need to get in and out of here quickly” X stated.

    The two quickly made their way to the other side of the manor, leaving the fire behind them, though the signs very quickly turned sour as they worked towards the governor’s office.

    Foot prints? Three sets, someone has already been this way, who’s here?

    Amy, I’m going to go ahead a get the governor, I need you to stay in this room and watch to make sure the fire doesn’t start spreading this way, ok. Just stay here so I can come back and get you” Jack asked her. “What? But the fire is well behind us and just a moment ago you said we needed to stick together, what’s wrong?” replied Amy. “Just trust me okay, we don’t have time to argue. If anything goes wrong, yell and I’ll come running” Jack rebuked her. “Fine, if you say so” replied Amy her head sinking a bit.

    Now to figure out whose here and hopefully get this mess sorted out.

    X rounded the corner of the hall and headed towards the governor’s office, which had its door hanging slightly off its hinges.
    “Well that was clean let’s pick up the second part of this hit and we’ll be done” X heard a familiar voice from the other side of the of the hall and stepped into the office.

    “X! What on earth are you doing here” Jack found himself face to face with a man slightly older then himself and few inches taller. “Alpha!” Jack exclaimed, as his eyes studied the three men in front of him and the one bleeding on the ground.

    One cleaner, probably the one who set the fire, he’s quite a big guy, Alpha will be the lead, which makes this skinny guy either the planner or the hunter not sure though that’s frustrating, no Jack though, why’s that?

    “X what’re you doing here, were in the middle of a hit?” asked Alpha, “I could ask you the same thing Alpha, I’m working a job out here, I was told the space would be clear. why are you conducting a hit in the middle of my operation?” asked Jack.

    “We needed your riots as cover for getting in to the manor and for burning it, the higher ups kept you in the dark because they feared you sabotage the hit like the last time” replied Alpha, “What a load of bull! This could have gotten someone killed, I’ve worked my ass making sure that these riots are contained to property damage and the brass sends in assassins who start burning down buildings” Jack shouted “Are you done here, you obviously gotten the governor?” asked Jack with twinge of disgust in his voice

    “We still have one more target, a young girl, have you seen her? The fire was supposed to flush her out and send her this way but I haven’t seen or heard a peep from her” replied Alpha.

    “No I cleared the other side of the building looking for victims, by a miracle I didn’t find anyone, dead or alive, If she was here she probably made it out of the building” Jack retorted.

    “yeah your probably right, we’ll have to get on her, What’s your cover name here, we might need to get ahold of you around town, were already short a jack and our planer is pulling double duty as a hunter” asked Alpha.

    “It’s Jack, jack smith, but I’m leaving tonight, half the town has seen me, I had to start a crap ton of fights to get the riot going” Replied Jack.
    “All the same, sorry about the bull, and thanks for the cov…”

    “MR. SMITH! The fires moving, and I saw foot prints in the soot I don’t think we’re alone, can you hear me Jack?” shouted amy.
    Everyone freezes for a half of second, in the blink of an eye chaos explodes as Jack kicks Alpha in the chest rocketing him out the office’s only window, at before Jacks foot reaches the ground he flings one of the governor’s chairs at the big guy as he launches a fireball from his fist destroying the chair in place of jack. Before any more madness is capable of ensuing Jack was gone, out the door and running down the hall.

    Hell! Hell! What the Hell! She could not possibly have worse timing.

    “AMY! TIME TO GO!” Jack yelled as he rounded the corner running full sprint, grabbing her wrist as he entered the room pulling her along. “What’s going on, why are we running?” screamed Amy. “Just keep going, we’re in a lot of trouble if we stop.” X replied

    Damn ringing, their planner is a telepath, if we can get back to the town, back in the public the riot we’ll give us cover and time to think. Man oh man have I screwed up.

    X and Amy took of down the halls,

    “Duck!” X yelled forcing Amy’s head down as fireball flew overhead.

    “What are you doing you idiot, I can track them, you’re the cleaner, clean up this hit first” yelled the slender man.As they argued, X and Amy rounded another corner and dashed for the exit. Disappearing into the Chaos that the riots had caused outside

    X and Amy slow down to a walk once a part of the crowd making their way through the rioting streets
    “What on earth is going on? Who were they and why on earth was that guy hurling fireballs at us?” yelled Amy trying to be heard over the people around her.
    “The governor had a hit put out on him, the guys I walked in on them while they were cleaning up and getting ready for their next target.” Replied X

    “Wait, The governor been assassinated, my God we have to tells someone, we need to warn the next whomever they’re going after next.” Amy yelled again

    “Yeah I have more bad news, you’re they’re next target, now why they’re after a governor’s aid is beyond me, but so far they don’t appear to know particularly who
    you are or what you look like and it’s better if it stays that way. We don…” X was cut short as Amy pulled him into an alley and shoved him against a wall

    “What do you mean their next hit is on me?” She Screamed.

    Whistling’s back, they found us already got to get back in the crowd.

    “We have to keep moving, they’re tracking us and we have to stay in the crowds so they can’t spot us, collective thoughts break up a telepaths ability to track thoughts, we have to keep moving!” X yelled back as he forced Amy back into the crowded streets.

    “Where are we going?” Amy hissed,

    “Far side of town, a telepath has limited tracking range, if we can lose him in the city and take off towards the forest. We can make camp for the night, get some rest figure out where we’re going” X explained.

    “Why are you doing this?” She asked.

    “I’m just trying to help you” X sighed.
    Amy and X made their way across the city and into the forest outside of the town, to make camp for the night in a small clearing.

    Why the hell did I let myself get this screwed, one day to run, three for them to catch up, a week to contain, with her here maybe less. What do I have to work with?, I left my supplies back at the old camp, “Jack”, they’re planners pulling double duty, “Jack”, they don’t have a jack, which means they function solely from Alpha’s orders, might be able to take the other two in in fight, one on one, but Alpha will beat me here and back before I can blink. So fighting’s not an “Jack!” Amy shouted touching X’s shoulders.

    “Jack what’s going on, what do you know about these people?” Amy asked

    “It’s complicated, they’re champions and just it’s complicated” X replied, “Help me understand” Amy replied.
    X let out a deep sigh and started to explain

    “You and the governor have been targeted by English nobility for assassination; they sent a unit of champions to execute the operation. These units normally consist of five people, one cleaner: a person who is capable of making the assignation look like something else, some simply get rid of the bodies and the blood other make it look like an accident. Either way their job is to cover up the operation once it’s finished, the guys after us used that giant who was throwing fire all over the place to cover up their assassination, to make it look like the governor got caught in a fire started by the rioters.” X took a deep breath.

    “Okay, I get that” Amy replied.

    “Next they’ll have a hunter, a hunter is someone capable of locating the targets once they get on location. These are the kind of champions who can see through walls, here pins drops in a crowded hall, generally anybody who has exceptional or supernatural senses. In this case Used a telepath who can track people via their thoughts, which reminds me, if your ears start ringing let me know immediately. When a telepath gets in your head your ears start ringing. If you hear that ringing, focus on your breathing, all they’ll be able to get from you at that point is the sound of your breath. Do you understand?” X asked

    “Yeah, Were being tracked, and if I hear ringing let you know and focus on breathing” She replied.

    “This telepath is also working double duty, he also works as the team coordinator, his job is set up a lay out the plan of execution, setting up the routes and means of the assassination and often being the man who makes the kill, he’s second in command and the coordinator usually has some kind of mental ability to assist in gathering intelligence which is also why they’re doubling the telepaths job.”

    “The last guy on their team is alpha, he’s the team lead, he Okays the plans, he makes any and all executive decisions. He has to be strong enough to keep a team of champions in line and is usually someone who’s been around the block and back a few times. The Lead they have now is one of…...” X trailed off.

    “How do you know all of this? How is it even possible, champions, these people who can read minds and shoot fire or any other ungodly things, are supposed to be impossibly rare, 1 in 100,000, with the exception of Rome only a few are found in any given kingdom and you’re saying the Britain has teams of them!” exasperatedly replied Amy.

    “I can only tell you what I know, and I know they exist because I’m one of them, well up until tonight I was one of them. That’s why they didn’t attack when I walked in on them, they knew who I was, they knew why I was there.” X replied

    “And why were you there? And If you were one of them then you must be using a fake name, who are you really?”

    “I don’t really have a name, none of us do” X told her,

    “That’s rubbish everyone has a name, what do they call you, soldier one and soldier two, that must get confusing after a while.” She pried.

    “When we enter the program, the one that captures, collects, and groups champions they brand you with a letter, they started with English, as people died and were
    replaced they moved onto greek and latin, we’re referred to by our letters” X replied.

    “So what was your letter?” she asked.

    “X” He replied

    “Well nice to meet you X” Amy stated sarcastically.

    “But enough about me, they’re only coming after me because I’m helping you, why are they after you in the first place? What good comes from killing an aid? That is if you are really an aid” X reasoned.

    “I beg your pardon” Amy replied, shocked at the accusation

    X continued “The thing is, your clothes are too nice to be an aids, even too nice to be a concubine to a governor, so that must mean you’re nobility”

    “X I’m, I mean I’m not supposed to” Amy stuttered

    “Cat got your tongue Amy” a familiar voice called, “Amy get behind me” X shouted pulling her behind himself, “Come on X, put an end to this so we can go home, nobody back at base needs to know, in fact I’ll vouch for you, we’ll tell the higher ups that she got out of the building but you caught her heading out of the city,” Alpha called out

    “I can’t do that Alpha, and you know it” X replied

    “No! no I don’t know it, why on earth are you are going to die for this girl” Alpha yelled back frustrated.

    “She needs my help” X sighed.

    “X, what are we going to do?” Amy whispered, “Just calm down I’ll figure it out” X whispered back.

    “You were an assassin for years X, one of the best, now just because you lost one friend you can’t find it in you to kill anymore. Alright X, new game, I’ll give you five minutes to Kill the girl if you don’t we come down there and kill you both” shouted Alpha.
    X felt the cold of the night on the back of his neck sending a chill down his spine looking for something anything that could help him.

    “Amy, is there anything you haven’t told me, anything that could be relevant, anything at all” X whispered,

    “no, I don’t really” Amy whispered

    “AMY!” X shouted cutting her off “anything” he whispered again.

    “My father’s the king” she breathed.

    “Your father is the King? Which Kin… No… Amy I could Kiss you! Or kill you I’ll figure it out if we survive this.” X burst out.

    “Alpha, I have something that might interest you; do you want to know who it is that you’re killing?” X called out.

    “Sorry, X but we know who were killing, she’s some rebellious Noble, and the hit was put out because she was spreading the propaganda for independence.” Alpha replied

    “She’s noble alright, downright royal.” X shouted back.

    “What are you getting at X?” asked Alpha

    “You’re hunting the Princess as in the King’s daughter, as in the King of England” X shouted back

    “What! Can you prove it?” Asked alpha confusion now evident on his face

    “She has the ring with the family seal” replied X

    “what? No I don’t X I don’t have any proof of my birth on me.” Amy whispered.

    “Just close your eyes, keep quiet and focus on your breathing Amy, I’ll have you out of here in no time.” X whispered back

    “Bring the girl here, If I can verify it we may have room to talk more” demanded Alpha.

    “I’m not bringing the Kings daughter anywhere near you, If she dies in my care, well let’s just say I’d rather not have the most powerful man this side of the Roman Empire mad at me” X replied.

    Now it’s my turn to make demands

    “Send your telepath to verify the ring and her mind, then he can send you the message” Shouted X

    “Fine I’ll send Gamma over, But this is your last shot X, If this is a trick your dead” Replied Alpha.

    “Alright Amy, let me see my coat, just keep your eyes closed, your head down and just focus on your breathing. Be ready to run as soon as I say so” Whispered X.

    “What are you whispering about X, no secrete plans I hope” The thin man spoke as he seemed to simply appear out of the night sky. “Hardly Gamma, she’s scared to death and in shock, I can’t even get her to speak to me, little less plan anything. Just come look at the ring” X replied

    “I think your right about the shock, I can’t hear a thing in her head, it’s just empty, let me see her hand” specter spoke as he reached for Amy’s hand, In the fraction of a second, X forced a knife pulled from his coat into the thin man gaunt neck.

    “Amy Run” X yelled, pulling her farther into the forest

    “FUCK!!!” They hear Alpha roar in the distance “Torch the whole damn place Theta! Your Dead X! You and your little girl are both DEAD! ”
    Fire Roars behind X and Amy as they force their way through the forest, burning faster than their feet can travel.

    “Amy, this isn’t working, they’re corralling us with these flames, Alpha is just going to cut us off up ahead. We need to go back.” The color drained from Amy’s face “X I can’t go through that, I barely made it through the fire back at the manor, and this is ten times that sized.”

    “Amy, remember how we got through last time, just take my coat, and close your eyes” X asked “yeah but”
    X interrupted Amy as she spoke “no buts put the coat over your head and I’ll make sure you get out of this in one piece”
    Amy did as he asked as X picked her up they head back into the fire.

    That giant is probably waiting on the other end, I don’t want to fight, but I’d rather it be him then Alpha if I have to, If I can take him down than the odds will start to turn in our favor, I still have no idea what we’re going to do if we survive this, make our way back to the mainland I guess. And who on earth has the clout to assign a hit like this; If we can get this back to the king then the program is dead.

    A sound like thunder cracks, followed by a force that blows X of his feet and throws Amy out of his arms

    “X!, gamma was my friend!” Theta roars like the fire surrounding him, throwing another fireball roaring towards X, whom roles to the left still getting caught in the force of this new explosion, blowing him another ten feet away.
    Come on X get up, you need to get Amy, and you need to take care of this guy before Alpha shows up.

    “Amy! Amy can you hearaack!” X cried out spitting up blood ringing from the concussion still in his ears. “Amy!” X cried out again “Nope just me you monster, my brand is Theta by the way, just so you know who killed you” Gama shouted, X rolled onto his feet, eying the surrounding area, most of it on fire, no sign of Amy.

    “Amy! Where are you!” X yelled barley standing. Where are you, I can’t focus on this fight until I know you safe, please say something “Amy!”.

    “you really ought to focus on the guy who’s throwing fire all over the place, you should be looking at me!” Theta yelled as he hurled another fireball. X threw himself out of the way, the ringing still in his ears. He could barely hear the screams.

    “X, where are you? X!” Amy screamed over the roar of the flames X picked himself up just in time to see Gama’s eyes fall on Amy’s form stuck under a fallen log.

    “Maybe it’s time I take away something you care about X!” Gamma roared starting towards Amy.
    Move! Get up! MOVE DAMN YOU! X’s body exploded off the forest’s smoldering floor, rushing towards Gamma.

    “I’ll end you like he ended Gamma” Theta whispered drawing a knife from his belt.

    “Please don’t…..” Amy cried. She closed her eyes as the giant of a man raised his weapon over her head, waiting for the end. What she felt instead was the felled log lifting from her legs.

    “Amy! I’ve got you, it’s me, It’s X I’ve got you” X whispered as he pulled her close, Amy sobbed into X’s chest

    “You’re okay. Now let’s go, we’ll get out of this fire” Whispered X.
    X spent the rest of the night carrying Amy to the main road, X waved down a shaded carriage, telling it that he and Amy had been mugged in the riots in the town the night prior. The man in cart offered them a ride to the next town in kindness.

    “What’s your name again son?” The traveler asked, as X stared absent mindedly out the window watching the ducks swim on a pond as they were passing by a pond.

    “My name is Jack sir, Jack Smith and this is Amealia” X glanced back out the window ”Amealia Pond” replied X, “I’m sorry to hear about what happened to you, Charles Town was in quite a state last night, I wasn’t there but I passed through in the morning, The town was a mess, The Governor’s manor was burnt to the ground, and by strange coincidence so was the forest of the other side of town, only one death though, now that’s a miracle” replied the traveler.

    “Where do you plan on staying anyway, you can’t have the money to stay at an Inn” Asked the traveler “We’ll figure something out, we just need some time to sleep and rest in a proper bed” replied X, ”Nonsense I’ll have none of it you’ll stay at my place, we own a farm just outside of town. You can rest there as long as you like.” The way the traveler spoke let X know that no was simply not going to be an answer.

    “My name’s Barnabas by the way” smiled Barnabas
    So they arrived at the farm, Barnabas quickly ushered X whom was carrying Amy whom had passed out due to the nights ordeals, to the guest rooms. It was there only after Amy was settled in and he sitting in a bed of his own, that everything he had done caught up with him and he too passed out on to the bed.

    X awoke with an odd man standing over him staring at his shoulder

    “Excuse me?” X stated, sitting up in his bed as he stared at the person.

    “No” replied the man pushing on X’s shoulder and forcing him back down into his bed.

    “What?” X asked slightly confused as to what was going on.

    “No, you’re not excused, I need to look at this shoulder some more before I move on to miss pond” Stated the strange man.

    “Who are you exactly?” X asked as he cleared sleep from his eyes and rubbed his shoulder.

    “I’m the doctor, Dr. Smith, not to be confused with Mr. Smith which would be you” Stated Dr. Smith matter-of-factly.

    X gave this smith a once over with his eyes, his dress was almost as odd as his personality, a collared shirt with a dark red bowtie and a brown coat that sat a little big on his skinny frame, a frame that couldn’t be more than two or three years older than his own.

    “Wait where’s Amy? How is she?” X started forcing himself out of bed again.

    “Are you hard of hearing, I’m not done yet” said Dr. Smith as he once again forced X back down into the bed by his shoulder. ”Now I’m to understand you were mugged, last night which is the cause your and Miss Ponds injuries. What were you mugged by? A brown bear?” Dr. Smith asked rather pointedly

    “One of the guys was as big as a bear does that count.” X joked

    “Was he brown?” Dr. Smith asked “No” X replied confused, “Then it doesn’t count” replied Dr. Smith.

    “Any way, whatever mugged or more likely mauled you did quite a number on your shoulder, couple of fractures and possibly some torn ligaments. You’re going to need to stay off of it and keep it iced and elevated.” Stated Dr. Smith

    “How’s Amy doctor?” asked X getting up, as the doctor moves on to the next room.

    “You’re not a good listener; my patients are never good listeners. Well if you’re coming come along and see for yourself.” Dr. Smith replied as he walked out the door.

    “Why exactly are you examining us again?” X asked Dr. Smith

    “Because I’m a doctor, you’re not all that bright are you” replied smith, X took a deep breath and tried again “not what I meant, who hired you, who told you about us and how did you get here?”

    “Oh that, I’m employed by Mr. Wright as the house physician, he asked me to come up and take a look at you and boy was he right to do so, also I have keys to every room in the house in case of an emergency?” Smith replied as they made their way down the hallway.

    “Now my turn, why are you walking around?” Asked Smith

    “I need to see Amy I need to know she’s alright” replied X

    “No, not what I meant, You’ve been on that bed for three days, not in a coma, not blacked out, just asleep. When you first showed up you were covered in burn, cuts and scrapes. By your second day they the cuts became scratches and the burns became minor. Now here we are at today and the only thing wrong with you is the fact that you look like someone threw you shoulder first into a tree, five weeks ago. You shouldn’t be breathing, little lone standing or walking down this hall? So tell me Mr. Smith who are you?” Smith’s voice grew deathly cold.

    “I’m no one” X replied staring back into Dr. Smith’s eyes.

    “Right then well let’s get going and see a real someone” Replied smith, the warmth returning to his voice as they both continued down the hall to Amy’s room.

    “Ah Amy Pond, there you are and look at you up and out of bed, just like your friend here, neither of you listen to instructions, now sit back down. How are you feeling?” asked Dr. Smith, “better I guess, the aloe for the burns was much appreciated, but the bruises are still very sore” replied Amy sitting down. “Well I guess you’re not going to listen to me if I tell you to get back in bed, so how about a walk to stretch your legs, you may not have slept for three days but you haven’t been up a whole lot either” Stated Dr. Smith as he turned to walk out of the room.

    “Amy, are you sure you’re Okay?” X asked,

    “I’m fine X” Amy whispered.

    “Come along Pond” called Dr. Smith.

    “Amy, be careful around him okay, I’m not sure I trust him” whispered X

    “A little paranoid aren’t we or is that jealousy, we’ll talk when I’m done with my walk.” Joked Amy.

    “Just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean I’m wrong, I guess I’ll go hunt down Mr. Wright or Barnabas or whatever his name is” replied X

    X wandered about the house and grounds for an hour or so looking for Barnabas to no avail, instead running back into Amy and Dr. Smith as he walked outside to the front of the manor.

    “Jack, hey there you are, we’ve been looking for you” Amy called out

    “Yes, Amy told me you were looking for Mr. Wright” Stated the Dr. Smith, “which is going to be a little hard for you considering he’s not here at the manor as of the moment”

    “Dr. Smith suggested we go find you and tell you, we’ve spent the last hour wandering about looking for you” Amy added.

    “Did you now, it’s hard to believe that we missed each other” repliœWell the manor’s quite large and the grounds are even larger” Stated Dr. Smith.

    “Well if you’ve had your walk, Doctor could you excuse us we need to talk” asked X.

    “Amy are you sure you don’t want me to stay around to be sure you’re okay?” asked Dr. Smith.

    “I’ll be fine doctor, though he may not look it, Jack is plenty capable” Replied Amy.

    “I’ll be on my way then” Dr. Smith stated as he walked into the manor.

    Amy and X walked a path by the side of the manor that led into a old white gazebo where they could talk privately.

    “Alright X, what so important that you had to drage me away from the good doctor?” asked Amy

    Change X’s motivation, to “The king’s pardon”

    “Well seeing as we still have one very angry assassin on our trail, I’d like to discuss how we get away from him, what’s more even if we get away from Alpha I’m sure the program is going to send another unit after us, actually they’ll probably send a second one to capture or kill me since I won’t have returned from my last job.” Replied X

    "Whats the rush, we've gotten away from your assassin friend, he's not going to scour the countryside looking for us is he?" said Amy.

    "Alpha's not an idiot, once he realized we aren't in town he'll start searching the local area, including this farm." Replied X

    "So he's found us before, why don't you take care of him like you did those other two guys" Stated Amy.

    "Amy, I was able to take out those guys by luck, by all strokes we should have died when those fireballs started flying. We got by on suprise, Alpha is going to be expecting me to go after him if we meet again, his not going to give me anymore chances" Replied X

    "How about we head to one of the local forts, there should be one around here. Even if they don't believe me they'll be willing to protect us and let me get a letter out" Amy chimed.

    "I like that, if nothing else a fort is easier to keep an eye on, one way in and out and walls all around." replied X, "we'll need to get going here quickly, we don't need to be sitting around waiting for alpha to find us."


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