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MBTI Population by Country

  1. Every number is in percentage (%) or in percent of population but I omitted the % symbol to avoid repeating it after very number. For example, 8.2% of Australia population are INFPs. If all types were equally distributed, all types would have a occurrence between 6-7%. Thus, a type with 5% or less is considered underrepresented ( occur less than if all types were equally distributed), whereas types with 8% or more are considered over-represented (occur more than if all types were equally distributed).





    Important: Many websites claims a mistaken MBTI distribution on the world population. Some few pages uses their test takers as a measure for MBTI population, but usually Introverted Intuitives types takes way more tests than Extraverted Sensors, making the results a lot INFP and INTP biased. Some other few pages uses the US MBTI percentages with the MBTI World Population label (or something like that) instead of the World Population.

    Source: Official MBTI (MBTI Manual Supplements). I do not own and basically compiled it (and make the World Population Estimation). Here it is the page:


    World (P) = Projected. The world population here is projected for the whole world (and less precise). The estimation method is more or less complicated, but in short, it mainly involved putting weights on the countries based on their populations and multiplying South Africa due to being the only country representing Africa (this is not the average; India and China has way more weight than small countries such as New Zeland).

    (*) means that the country has a non-representative sample, meaning that it is biased (generally a big ESTJ and ENTJ boost and an underestimation of ISFPs and INFPs). I also corrected this bias in World (P).

    CAT = Country As a Type. There are some few pages around typing countries and this is the realistic version of Countries as MBTI types.

    Canada (FR) is relative to the French speaking side of Canada (that is 20-30% of Canadian Population). China (SC) is for Simplified Chinese and China (TC) is for Traditional Chinese. South Africa (A) is for South Africa local language, while South Africa (E) is for South Africa English language.

    Date: May, 2020.

    PS: The rarest type in World Projection is INFJ (slightly below 2%, while ENFJ is a little bit less than 2.5%).

    PS2: The NT types in World Projection are quite similar in % of each other, by ENTJ and INTJ being close to 3.5%, ENTP close to 4% and INTP being slightly more than 4%. INTP is the most common NT type while INTJ is the rarest, but the gross difference is less than 1% (and relative difference is about 4 INTJs per 5 INTPs).


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