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  1. sweating-laughing-smiley-face-WYq7Fa.jpg Here at the INFjs forums
    Our owner innovates without quorums.
    The Article section
    with some predilection,
    Nay might become an annoyance for him's.
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  1. Tin Man
    stu is literelly the worse but not as worst as obama

    4 stars
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  2. invisible
    Playful and cautionary while never wholly irreverent, Stu's latest lyric political thriller is a rollercoaster must-read for all who value the literary (and social) culture of the flourishing community at infjs dot com. Bravo Mr Stu! A triumph!
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    1. Stu
      Thanks Invisible, your review is better than my article...In your face "Bird Boy"
  3. Flavus Aquila
    "Predictable stu"


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  1. invisible
    The author's distinctive style and voice was immediately, appealingly apparent.
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  2. Stu